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Russian Overs Team bench party in Moscow

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Bench party will take place in Moscow on 29.11.


We are planning to use this hardware


MSI P55 motherboard

2 Evga 760 Classified

2 i950

Lot of memory from Kingston

PSU from Enermax

3 Radeon 5870

3 Radeon 5850

3 Radeon 5970 (All radeons from xmemory.ru)


50 liters of LN2


Three rigs:

1) Mayk and Rasamaha - First three hours Msi P55 Gd80 + 870, next hours evga e762 + 2*5970

2) Sergey13 and D310 - Evga 760 + i950 + 3*5850, and 5970

3) Droni4 and $ancho$ - Evga 760 + i950 + 3*5870

And other team members will be there for assisting.

(Choco13, Dr.Dat, Nibbler, Sergey-xmem and special guests Nazar and sometimes Dedal)


Hardware sponsored by Enermax, Kingston, MSI and xmemory.ru.


Some additions, photos and editing will be here after bench.

Edited by Sergey13
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