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LN2 costs

Mean Machine

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You need to learn efficiency on LN2 benching with the prices of our country :D

Some people have made bad jokes about my comments of LN2 usage, but think about the prices:


Best offer to fill my 34L dewar is 133€ :D

If you use 2 of those in 1 month, you will need to pay ~3200€ / year. Pick 4 of those in a month and pay ~6400€.

With list price 4 pickups in month would cost 13 000€/year.


So keep joking about my 20liter LN2 results and welcome to Finland :D


Finland!?! I thought you were from TadžikistaN!


So 450L would cost you 1760€. Snag a plane ticket and pay me a visit, I'll provide the 450L of LN2 free, and throw in a free tour of rural 'Murica.

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The yellow dot in the US that says Decatur is where I live. Headed to their office now to bunny about what I've been paying for the last 3 years. :D


Sorry for the thread necro, but I had totally forgotten about this until they tried to charge me $1.67 per liter the last time I refilled.

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Hi and escuse me for waking this thread but Im looking for some dewar. Anyone can give me a model in particular or something I can get in Amazon or Ebay jaja.


I want to own a dewar. i know is a huge investment.


I´ll look in my country (chile) if some companies sell them. By the way in my country if you have no contacts, the LN2 liter costs about $5.500 CLP --- 10USD. A friend has studied chemistry in one university, there they can sell LN2 for him at about 1,2 USD per Liter.



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So I just called airgas and they quoted me FIVE DOLLARS/L!


And they don't rent dewars, although he did offer to sell me a 25L model for $850, doesn't even come with a free fill up or anything.





Looks like I have a bright future with SCO₂!


did you tell them what its for? thats crazy where are you from?

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