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Old benchmarks in the future


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Is it possible to do some testing on this? Trial run for a month, see how it goes, how populair it might get?


This is what we have now, over aged resolution and quality settings



Gives with stock E5200 and 9800Gtx in Vista 119fps everything rushes no slowdowns whatsoever


This is with altered settings at 1680*1050 quality level of 8 Anistropic at 16X


70fps starts fast get's it difficult at certain points drops even to 11fps!!

With this altered settings i would use the screen above as mandatory and the screen beneath to compare. makes it more interesting



Going to see what the diffrences are between cpu altering and gfx. Cause right now, he with the biggest cpu wins.

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it would be in a new category of course, issue is that it's not a default settings, and you need to manually start changing settings; which is only possible in 3D01, for all other version you need to pay, which will make it an elite benchmark


for current benches to have a nice screenshot, we need to pay as well :D


fair enough, will make my own compo at my homeforum soon :)

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TBH, I don't see the big problem for buying a couple of registration keys. If you take benching seriously, you might as well have a valid FM account to store you scores?


Well that wasn't the issue, it's being unable to see the scores offline what ihmo is stupid :)

I for instance already bought a vantage key, few years ago the 05 key, and now probably will buy me the 06 soon.

It's just annoying not knowing how well you did or didn't .

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