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Testing 45x Core i7 3930K (C2) ...

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Hey all,


Yesterday (Friday), Leeghoofd and myself were invited in the Tones.BE office to test a bunch of 3930K chips to check for maximum mulitplier. Using the known binning method for SBE, we tried about 45 different 3930K C2 samples from batches L149B708 (5x) and L150B490 (40x). It took about 2 and a half hours to go through them all, which is about 13 minutes per chip. Pretty fast considering we wanted to find max ratio for all chips and not just the 55x+ ones.




Binning method


Okay, decent one: 5500MHz on the CPU, 1250MHz Memory.


FYI, I found there is a way to bin the CPU on air. I tested it with this CPU and it worked like I expected. What you need to do:


- go in bios and set all VRM config like you'd do for extreme OC

- run 2c2t (to save heat)

- set vcore to 1.55~1.6V

- set bclk to 100


Now, increase the CPU ratio. In the beginning, you will be able to boot straight in to OS. After a while, it will crash at OS loading (for W7, it will lock at the ball swinging moment), but when pressing the reset button, the board will reboot. This means it can run this frequency with better temps! Once you lock and pressing reset doesn't work, you've found the maximum frequency of your CPU.


In my case, I could always reset from lock-up upto 55x. With 56x, I could not reset and had to power off the entire setup. The end result was 5510MHz for my CPU under LN2.








As you know, SB-E doesn't support multipliers about 57x. So, the five chips that do 57x+ we'll need to test with better cooling ... soon :P.


By the way, you might remember we did something similar with the 2600K a while back. The average chip did around 53x, with max= 56x and minimum 48x. With 3930K, it seems that the results are much more consistent and slightly higher too. It was a lot easier to find higher clocking chips too.


Further info


Now, read this message posted by Tones on their Facebook page:

3930K's zijn terug binnen. Massman en Leeghoofd ( http://www.madshrimps.be'>http://www.madshrimps.be & http://www.HWbot.org'>http://www.HWbot.org ) hebben ze allemaal even getest ( vakterm = binnen ). Zo hebben we een goed idee wat de respectievelijke CPU's kunnen. Vanavond komt er een lijstje op HWbot.org met de serienummers en de respectievelijke prestaties. Uiteraard zijn de CPU's op aanvraag beschikbaar. Op = Op. De snelle beslissers kunnen dus indien gewenst kiezen...


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tonesbe-The-Most-Powerful-Computer-Shop/95869329998 (you should like this page!)




3930K are back inside. Massman and Leeghoofd (http://www.madshrimps.be & http://www.HWbot.org) have tested them all (technical term = binning). Thus we have a good idea what the respective CPUs. Tonight there will be a list on HWbot.org with the serial numbers and the respective performance. Obviously, the CPUs available on request. Sold out = sold out. The rapid decision-makers can choose if you wish to ...


In other words, if you're looking for a chip you can check with Tones and ask. No overclocking result is guaranteed! You can make your decision based on the binning method and the results we got. The only additional cost might be shipping if it's international, though, so no extra $$ for a specific ratio ;). One per person, though, and please use them for overclocking ...


If you're checking with Tones for a chip, please be friendly and polite people! It's pretty cool they're so into overclocking, I'd like to keep it that way :).

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nice.....binning?! :D


awesome research on the new stepping!


Yeah. The most exciting about this kind of testing is that we can really see the variance within a specific stepping. Doesn't happen too often, so I'm really happy that I get the chance to do this.


It's also why it took 13 minutes to bin them. We didn't just look for the 55x+ ones, but noted down the max mp for each chip. The 50x chips too sooo long to test.


If you wanna sell one above 55...I'll pay good money!


55's and 56's => contact Tones.


The 57's, not sure what to do with them yet. If they're all 6G chips, we'll just keep them LOL!

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By the way, if someone wants some binning advise:


At a certain moment, we were hitting a rough patch in our session as we were only hitting 52-54x for 10-15 chips straight. Then I picked two from the bunch based on the serial number and both of them were 57x chips. The first 57x of that batch had 152x as end of the serial and from the pack I selected 143x and 141x (those were 57x).


The batch of SB-E doesn't mean that much, but if you know the serial number of a good clocking one, pick one that is close to that. It's not a 100% certainty, but it feels like there's at least a higher chance on hitting a good one. I saw the same with 2600K, by the way, so it's not just these 3930Ks.

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With a ratio of "1x 57 in 7" you are in much better shape than a lot people I know who binned "old" Sandy...I didn't catched one in around 20 chips :(




It seems your chance finding a good chip is higher when you pick one batch and work through it.

My best quote for good chips also was when having a bunch of same serial / batch where I hit 3/5 with 55x...but you can be a bit unlucky if a batch "hardwalls" around a certain point as general quality isn't at the sweet spot...

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