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5970 bugged how?


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Hey guys, if you could shed a little light on whats going on here.


System Specs:

Evga X58 E759 (air)

Intel Xeon 3570 (cold air Mehaharlem) 4.7ghz HT on

HIS 5970 (cold air) 825/1127


Display Driver on HIS disk w/out CCC and using Afterburner to OC. WinXP SP3. No LOD or any other tweaks.


Here was my progression of benchmarks:













I see that the scores are much higher than everyone elses on a per clock basis but it continues to scale upwards with each increase of my clocks and is repeatable to the upteenth time. So is this a common type of bug? If you could explain in detail for my noob4life sake I'd appreciate it. thx.

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I'm afraid the only scores that don't seem to be bugged are the 118k and 123k. The 92k seems bugged low. The jumps are very unnatural from 92 to 118, 200 FPS more in the last 3 game tests which are gpu bound with no increase in gpu clocks. Then once again they're absurdly high from 123k to 141k, esp with such minimal increases in clock speed. The 141 is already bugged, then the 164 is even more badly bugged (GT3 extremely bugged high in that one)


Proper score around your speeds should be like this one, but quite a bit lower since your card clocks are much lower.


Could mean a part of your system is unstable, maybe the CPU. Switching to a newer OS (Vista/7) and setting affinities could alleviate it.

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Thx G-man, still tryin to figure what the dealio is. Might have to rma for scoring too high.

K, ran it stock in win 7 32 and then overclocked it to the same clocks as xp 32 sp3


here is what I get:





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Well, I got an a/c unit blowing on it but yah, it runs pretty hot normally.


Gonna try some other benches to see if its out of line as well. Might wanna keep an eye out for other submissions with similar behaviors. Lemme know if you guys want me to try something else.

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