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DNAB... Definitely Not A Banana Intel Core i7 950 ( yay! )


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I can't believe this is true, but fortunately ( for me :P: ) it is :D

A few days ago... ok, ok! 2 days ago, I tested a Core i7 950 that did 4.8GHz SuperPi 32M on ice ( the regular one, not dry ice ) [ CoreTemp 37C/35C/36C/33C ] and the results were very encouraging ( 5.4GHz-something SuperPi 1M, 5.3GHz AquaMark 3, 5.16GHz Pi32M @ -58Cpot_temp, wPrime at 5.05GHz ).

Today I had a few liters of LN2 ( 12 to be precise ).

Yesterday I started preparing some Windows images with Norton Ghost ( something that made me waste a lot LN2 today :shakes: ) and then recovered the HDD to an all-around Windows XP Pro SP3 installation.


I wanted to test the CPU, but I got tempted to do some AquaMark 3 with a LN2 cooled 5870, so I prepped both the mobo & the VGA for LN2.

I started with CPU on LN2 and an empty Tek-9 3.0 "Fatbody"-cooled 5870 @ stock to check the overclocking capabilities & the "coldbug/coldboot" of the CPU.

I didn't try hard, neither really paid any attention ( I had an old friend here and we had some good laughs during this benching session :D ) so there might be more or even more than a lot of OC headroom left ( we shall find out soon :D )


After fooling around in Windows XP I decided to load the Windows 7 x64 image to get some higher AquaMark 3 & 3D Mark03 numbers, but that wasn't the best of ideas I must admit :P:


Norton Ghost 14 had problems restoring my image, and after 2 tries and lots of waiting, I decided to give Windows Backup a go.

Finally, after 3 minutes or so the image was finally restored and we were ready to go.


Well... that's when I realized that I lost a few scores & screenshots because I forgot to transfer them from the HDD to my USB stick...


I was bored and didn't mod the 5870, so it was SmartDoctor & Afterburner.

Well, the result was 1287MHz / GDDR5-5224 AquaMark 3 @... -179C ( -180C = coldbug :P: ) @ 1.45Vsomething.


I didn't push the UnCore, nor the RAM ( slacky 8-8-8-28 80 tRFC and 2/8 divider, B2B 12(!) ) just the CPU clock :D


I lost a nice 393k AQ3 with the card at 900/1200 and 5.54G CPU while saving the screenshot ( damn GPU-z lol and lack of LN2 :( ).


I also benched SuperPi 1M @ 5.5GHz / DDR3-2400 8-8-8-28 Triple Channel just for fun :D


I really need a cascade to spend some time testing the CPU and finding the best clocks/timings & settings :(


I'll leave you with a few screenshots ( well... some of the saved ones :D )


One of the cb lost screenies



A cr*ppy AQ3 ( full screenie, yay :D )



A... not so tweaked ( just LSC ) SuperPi 32M on dice



5.57GHz 4cores/8threads CPU-z validation ( pending, x86-secret is down :D )


I shall be back soon :D

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Had a short session today ( didn't went really well, stupid kneaded eraser insulation on the VGA didn't work well :P: ), the scores aren't tweaked at all, so don't give me a lecture about the efficiency.

I had to tweak the CPU settings from the beginning since I can't remember the settings I used the other time :P:

I'm BCLK limited ( and NB temp limited probably, 69C @ boot lol ) and got lots of stuff to check ( ideally on a -130C cascade :P: ) to see if I can get past that stupid BCLK wall, check the settings & stuff affecting the CBB & CB ( Cold Boot Bug & Cold Bug ) and tweak the RAM sub-timings & cool the RAM with LN2 as well.


The CPU can do 5300+ 3D Mark06, 5500+ AquaMark 3 & Pi 32m, so unless someone can hook me up with a 5.7GHz+ 32m / AquaMark 3 - 5.5GHz 3D Mark06 chip, I'm fine :D ( somebody ?! )

Will come back soon with proper scores with CPU + VGA/s + RAMs @ LN2 ( maybe LN2 on teh chipset too )









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  • Crew
...so unless someone can hook me up with a 5.7GHz+ 32m / AquaMark 3 - 5.5GHz 3D Mark06 chip, I'm fine :D ( somebody ?! )

Will come back soon with proper scores with CPU + VGA/s + RAMs @ LN2 ( maybe LN2 on teh chipset too )...


No, not willing to do so...:D


But really nice chip...:celebration:


Want sop see more...:nana:

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I picked up some dry ice today ( 15.5 lbs / 7kg ) to do some VGA pretesting as a preparation for the next LN2 session.

I decided to use an i7 920 just to grab a few more HWpoints for the sake of it :P:

I started with low CPU clocks and did some VGA OC digging, hitting 1355MHz GPU @ AquaMark 3 at... hold on... 1.672V ( probably stable with less voltage, I was just rushing and wanted to be ok in terms of ext. param. that could affect the stability ), 1300MHz GPU @ 3D Mark 03/05/Vantage at -60C to -65C.


Then I pushed the CPU a lil' further, and tried some 3Dm03/05/Vantage just for fun.


40069 3D Mark05 - http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=5135996

104126 3D Mark03 - http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=6262310

P23075 3D Mark Vantage ( Performance Preset ) - http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dmv=1858927


I think I'm ready for my next LN2 session now :D

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