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Where have all the points gone ???


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Could be some sort of recalc - GTPP didn't change for our team, but HTPP is changing quite a bit. My league rank changed quite a bit too.


Probably just RB breaking stuff though: :)



I made some aggressive optimizations to the code to decrease the load on the server when people are making submissions in popular categories. Hope I didn't break anything. :) Submitting should go 10x faster now.
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Looks like all hardware points are counting towards OC league ranking now, definitely looks like RB made an oops. Should only be top 20 hardware and top 20 global points contributing to your league ranking. People with a lot of hardware points shot up through the rankings - its like rev3 in the user league.


I'm not sure how that made team points go down across the board, but somehow they did.

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