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wPrime bug?

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Have you guys ever witnessed a bug in wPrime?


I only ask because I was working out my eff in wPrime 32M when I noticed that in order to match Hicookie's result on the i5 750, I would need 100MHz more than what he ran at. So I compared the other top 10 results, and his is the only one way out of line:




The #s on the graph represent the difference in (hundredths of a second) between the actual time posted, and the theoretical time based on the average eff. For reference see columns D & F.


average eff = 30484.59 divided by Hicookie's time of 5.74s = 5311MHz...110MHz higher than what he was running. :confused:


I'm not posting this to question Hicookie's score (the theoretical score wouldn't change the ranking anyway), but to question the accuracy of wPrime as a reliable bench.


I have also seen in my own testing where errors occurred during wPrime calculation, and yet it still completed the bench as if nothing was wrong. Those scores were questionable in my mind (and they were never my best)...but I wonder if we need a fixed version of wPrime that keeps better track of bugs.


edit - in the calculation above, I omitted Hicookie's result from the calculation of avg eff to avoid throwing off the avg with a score that was possibly inaccurate.

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If it works on i7, it doesn't on K10. And i'm not even sure the right option is avaliable either.


I'm just saying, perhaps he has found the Intel equivalent? And yes, that option is available in most BIOSes, I'll drop you a message at the forums in a mo.

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