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any way to classify results by what the top scores are for benchmarks....sorry tried to do a couple of different searches but a bit unsure how to best view it.... :)


there is an issue with prime rankings i think guys


Primes and PCMark, most noticeably with the primes.


Cleanup will take a couple of days ... so many users who have an insane 8x Core i7 920

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Awesome work. Now it's really worth to bench the most popular hardware. And gaining global points is much easier.


Old profile page doesn't work in 1024x768 (on my laptop :D)






And why I'm MSI motherboard fanatic? :D Should be rather Asus. I've never used MSI boards :D



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As I see, first places in wprime and PCMark now gives a little - 30-40 global points instead of other CPU bencmarks with 160-170 points. We can get more hardware points for first places in some CPU cathegories than for global WR, isn't it normal?


This is one of the reason of my points dropping from Dev server to Prod, any reason why wprime gets so less Global Points????

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Lower level achievements are not shown, eg if you have both "collected 10 gold cups" and "collected 100 gold cups", only the latter is shown.




> Make 25 submissions with the CPU at subzero temperatures (picture required)

> Make 25 submissions with the GPU at subzero temperatures (picture required)


How unlock this? :)

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