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Wprime WR, 1.147s 32 M

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I was able to acheive this time without any cheats.


Not sure what to believe... Really make me think that wprime should be removed as a bench.


I can replicate and can take video if needed to show the result and what happens.


My SS drops 10 to 15 to degrees when I run this and the SS makes a whoosh sound.

Very interesting... and haven't seen this happen even when I have had my gulftown up at 5.1ghz with 1.8v vcore..

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I see its out of line.. I totally understand that.


I was just wondering if there was a way to see if it was invalid.


I would run another test and it would tell me that the last was successful...


There should be a better way of validation.. I guess we will just have to wait.

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