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a user have reported a Score with the question "Score to high for this clocks?" - a Teammember decided within 12min (!!!) "cheat" and deleted (!!!).


What are for customs here - amn't I allowed to explain times more or take position?


Have not a chance for reaction?


Sorry 4 my bad english

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An hwbot crew member, NeoForce, has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has been marked as 'impossible score at given settings, possible bug or other'.


This was the reason the user gave:

too high score

no subtests


You can view your result here:



You can find out more about the reporting user here:





not that disturbs me it was deleted, but which I could not at all react

The Score originates from my beginnings and I the Subtests forgot. that is ok as reason for blocking.

but so I could not answer, which the PCI with more than 120MHz ran - I believe 125 or 128MHz - so exactly I do not know the no more.

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the score which is not too high for the given frequencies apparently = PCIex@ 128MHz = this Score

the link functioned again - thanks - I entered afterwards the information - so can reconstruct everyone the Score


and why I got the message: "has been deleted"?

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yes, in the email is located "blocked"


but if I had clicked the link, I came not on the Score but got the message "deleted"

I could not open the Score

since I am not a moderator could not I thus see, there only " blocked" was.

for this reason I am assumed that, the Score was deleted


but why I got this message, which led here to all that?


block is normal if it discrepancies gives - I do not want to question this decision also

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Ah, I think I know.


The moderatool tools consist of a set of tools to indicate how the engine can use the score. For instance:


- Can be used for ranking, data, ...

- Can only be used for data, not ranking, not points

- Can not be used for data, not for ranking, not for points


The last option is coded as "delete", because the score can't be used for statistical data. The score isn't deleted from the database (moderators can still see the score), but it's no longer visible for any member.


I'll ask if it's possible to allow the owner of the result to see the score.

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