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Doubt that nobodys understand

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Hi Hwbot!

I would like some explaination.

What the diference and the achievement "Overclocking King", or "Overclocking Emperor", or "Overclocking Prince" to Pro League or Enthusiast League or (OMG) Enthusiast League?

I ask cause people in a meeting was talking about is better to keep enthusiast League... so use ice with water cooler or something like this (alchool + salt + ice works fine to enthusiast league); get the ranking; turn Overclocking King and have same title and achievement to Andre Yang, Nickshih, Hicookie, eg.

Don't HWBot think that is diferent, and change at least the name of the achievement?

For exemple:

Andre Yang = Overclocking King




Is the same achievement that Enthusiast league




(Enthusias King shows like Overclockers league)

I think something can be fixed.

This way, is more easy to the guy get the achievements, and when he change the league he can bring his achievement to the rest of his overclocker life.


I hope it helps.



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Still in development?

I though is an important change.


Remember hwbot is run mostly on donation and sponsors so we as its free user(and if we donate thats voluntary) should not demand a change and timeline but rather request and wait till changes get implemented.......

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