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knopflerbruce - GeForce GTX 285 @ 720/1431MHz - 14243 marks 3DMark06


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Oh, I disassembled everything yesterday, because I need to focus on the Gigabyte challenge. But I can use water cooling anyday :P

LN2 is a little different story - I pay more for the taxi then the actual LN2 cost :(. And I have only 15L dewar, that is borrowed from a friend.

But...if your challenge is interesting, I would accept it :)

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So I won at one thing - my cpu went down to -80C, otherwise it's a poor overcklocker on air/water :P

Either I suck at 06, or I needed 3.7GHz to compensate for the twice as much L2 cache you have guys?


Some of those Manchesters run at nice temps. I just tried a good X2 3800+ - that is, it was good until it coldbugged at -60c only... could've been a VERY good chip, so I had to settle for PCMark04, UCBench and both wprimes:p


Need to buy a new X2 4200+, too!:D


@Honda - don't challenge people yet, I'm going to CeBit so I cant bench until I'm back around the 12th :P THis time with a GTX460 or two in my hands:D

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it was just pifast at max speeds, but since you have it all disassembled i won't challenge you, i'll just run my amd 2d for teampoints :D


Here it is http://hwbot.org/submission/2260449_i.nfrar.ed_pifast_athlon_64_4200_x2_manchester_35.83_sec


All these 2D scores with that cpu were single sucessful runs, I'm sure they can be improved further, especially wprime.


Need to buy a new X2 4200+, too!:D


Haha, yes :D. Soon you'll have to buy other models as well, lol. You can see my temp at the first photo from submissions with the Manchester.

Need to bench properly all these s.939 cpus in the box. Some of them seem very decent. Most of them are single cores though.

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