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HWBoints Adjustment #1: 3D WR Bonus

Do you like the solution for 3D WR attempts  

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  1. 1. Do you like the solution for 3D WR attempts

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I can understand why you need to do this, to keep the people at the top happy, but also their sponsors happy too. Without that then hwbot wouldn't work at all.


I agree that some sort of additional reward for users who get the highest scores is good, but the initial suggested figures are a bit high. I suppose like everything with rev3, it just needs a little bit of tweaking to get it right. Most importantly though, people need to stop moaning and get on with it. This is only going to affect the top people, not me, so I'm not bothered at the end of the day.

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this kind of reward only affect a few of the comunity, making it even less fun for the rest of us, voted no


Completely agree, and this is the only part of rev3 that I dont like.


You guyz certainly have made single card benching more worthwhile and fruitful for guyz who cannot buy uber expensive hardware, but this will certainly affect multi gpu benching for sure......


Just something which sprang into my mind, dont even know whether its possible or not, or whether I am making any sense or not....


1) Why cant it be like before where in we have 2 Global 3d rankings/points. Hardware point will still be with the no. of GPU's but there will be 2nd global ranking as well which will not distinguish between no. of GPU's more than 1.


2) Again Everything works just like rev3, but instead of Overclockers getting only the best Global rankings points, there will be 2 best Global Rankings(ofcourse in different # GPUs) which gets the point. Which means overclockers will be somewhat motivated for multi GPU benching....


I dont even know the thing I wrote will make any sense to the readers, and whether I was able to present what I was thinking in my mind......

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My vote is yes, but the suggested point bonus is too high.


Motivation is multi-factorial. I have enough years under my belt to indulge in a little self-honesty and admit that points are a strong motivating factor. Why? Because it's a competition. Whether you're competing with yourself, some friends, or a global community, competition gets the blood pumping through your veins. Makes you feel alive and makes the sun shine brighter.


I'm new to this world and nobody in my traditional social network knows what overclocking is. Sure, I like to overclock for the pure joy of it. In fact, I spent last night giddy as a school girl tinkering with a Prescott that OC'd like a dog - but it had an unusually forgiving coldboot temp that made it a blast nonetheless.


But I also like to compete with you guys. I want to beat your scores. I don't even mind when you later beat mine, because it's even more fun to try to regain a place I once occupied.


I bought a second 5970 that's been sitting untouched in my garage for the last week because I haven't felt enough competitive drive to quadfire it. Maybe I'm shallow, but under the current system I plan to just sell them both rather than hardmodding and freezing them. Not because it wouldn't be fun, but because to do it right will take 30-40 hours of my life - and one or both cards will end up dead. Even so, there would be elation and satisfaction - but not $1500 worth. Especially since I will have almost as much fun, elation, and satisfaction by doing the exact same thing with the pair of 7600 GT's I got on ebay for $30.

For 10 times the points.


I don't have anyone feeding me hardware. I buy it, mod it, and kill it based on the anticipated pleasure of doing so. Cutting edge multi-gpu benching is no longer worth the money. The current system really only makes it worth it to the guys getting hardware deals - or the insanely wealthy.

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I dont hold with that. Its easy to make a lot of Points with 3DMarks, why they become bonus Points. I think - when you give bonus Points - then for all Benchmarks.


rewarding financial input is not a key characteristic of the Overclockers League.


But a lot of Overclockers have Sponsors, Money or both. Many People bench Gulftown-CPUs last year! In Austria - without sponsor (EVGA, Intel,...) - i have no chance to buy one. :-)


My vote is yes, but the suggested point bonus is too high.


i confirm that opinion!




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I approve of this move. Been talking to a few people and the general consensus is that there is no drive to bench for WR due to the low points. The bonus idea is good as this will put the total number of points gained closer to the results for single GPU and make WR breaking a productive part of this hobby. I know with the current system I have zero plans for benching more than 2 GPUs b/c the points and global rankings are important to me.

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I see alot of guys talk about fair.


Here's a 11th place global rank or it was a few days ago.....worth a whopping 8 points.


I would put the cards under ln2......but guess what $1200 in cards = not worth it to me a max total gain of 10.3 points to be highest in the 2x 5970 ranking.


Not to mention in order to bench them properly on ln2 will take quite a bit of effort......






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if 3D gets WR points, then i should do the same with every benchmark.


superpi, pifast, wprime and all,


server or not, example : wprime is seperated in different sections per CORE.


Even if you do it with a server, the scores should be the same as the amount of submissions in that section.


If it's a WR and only 20 scores, or WR and 20.000 users should also be a different in WRpoints.


And only the top20 gets WRpoints?

I should make there top50 of or so.

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I kinda agree, it makes little sense that we add boints to 3x/4x GPU configurations to make the records worth more, when for example 3-core wprime records are worth close to nothing.


3/4-way GPU on LN2 requires a lot more skill than running WPrime on a 4x 6-core system ...

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3/4-way GPU on LN2 requires a lot more skill than running WPrime on a 4x 6-core system ...


True enough, but there's plenty of skill in running wprime on LN2 on...say 3-core CPUs.


I can't argue with you when you say it's more difficult to control 5 pots, but the difference isn't as huge as the difference in boints - if you see what I mean... Perhaps 100 is too much as a WR bonus, but 50 sounds reasonable enough.

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Have you ever tried handling 5 pots all by yourself? :).


It definitly doesn't look as difficult as it really is. The key is here amount of time per pot: with only a CPU pot, you can spend 100% of the time on this single pot, but if you have 1 CPU and 4 GPU pots, you have to divide the time in 5x 20% of the time for each pot.

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Well, often you don't handle 5 on your own - you have a slave or two to help you out ;)


...plus I don't really say that the reward for multi-GPU setups is wrong, I say that some of the 2d rankings don't display the effort it takes to take the top spots. Just because you have just one pot doesn't mean it's easy, then you have to control that one pot alot better than you can when pouring into 4 or 5 at the same time.


I don't see why balancing things a bit is such a bad idea...

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These bonus points are not introduced with the eye on 'balancing'. It's introduced because rev3 awards skill based on a difficulty-scale


1) Rev3 weighs results based on amount of competition. Being 1st amongst 5 is worth less than being 1st amongst 50. Whether that's in the 3x CPU global category or a random hardware category


2) Running a 5-pot configuration is significantly more difficult than running a 1-pot configuration. The little amount of points awarded for this (due to Rev3 design) was compensated by the introduction of these bonus points. NOT because it's the world record, BUT because multi-GPU LN2 configurations are inherently more difficult to handle.


The 'get some slaves'-argument makes no sense. I can use the exact same argument to make a single CPU pot configuration less difficult ... "get someone to control the temps for your CPU so you can focus on the OS".

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i only read this thread now...

Sure is very dificult to manage 5 pots...and i agree to give WR points bonus, but i would like the same to 1 or 2 videocards.

I think this way for 2 reasons.

1st - with only one card you have to fight hard to reach higgest clocks as possible (is possible more dificult to get 1 x 1500 Mhz than 4 x 1000 Mhz)

2nd - i naver will have money to buy 4 videocards and feed 5 pots.

Is just hard to buy one + LN2 for 2 pots.

Would like Rev. 4 add 3D bonus to all categories (1, 2, 3 or 4 VGAs)

About bonus to 2D i don t agree,,,,

I think this way cause 2D needs less effort and is many more easy to bench 2D than 3D.

Few motherboards needs hardmods...but is usually you have to hardmod your videocard.

Good CPU results needs good lucky...if you have lucky and get a cherry CPU...you will get good points its sure.

But if you buy a good videocard...you need to hardmod and preparate the card to bench...is many more hard than 2D...

is juts my opinion

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