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HWBoints Adjustment #1: 3D WR Bonus

Do you like the solution for 3D WR attempts  

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  1. 1. Do you like the solution for 3D WR attempts

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By adding WR bonus to 1 and 2 GPU rigs (especially singlecard) those scores will be worth WAY too much compared to for example 2D and 4 card. The WR bonus was originally created because 3 and 4 GPU setups are not that popular, so the global boints didnt reflect the skill it took to bench the platform. Atm maybe dual-GPU setups need a WR bonus, but it should be like half of the bonus for 3 and 4 GPU rigs, to avoid any scores being boosted too much boint wise.

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Lol. We can't just randomly add 'bonus' points whenever we 'feel' that they are deserved.


The "3DWR bonus" was added to compensate a flaw in the algoritm where 4-GPU runs did not yield any points not due to not a lot of people competing. Currently, the only similar flaw is with the SR-2 board where Wprime scores don't yield as much points as they should. Other than that, the current logic is solid.

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