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Ivy Bridge LGA1155 Z77 BIOS, facts, stats and list of mainboards


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I tested the GD65 last weekend and was surprised about how easy it clocked, even with 'next gen' and ln2.


What issue did you have, TheBanik?


hmmm.....did not try the mobo with air cooling more than a few hours, and as you said it was very easy to clock but with a 5.8Ghz chip, even booting at 5.7Ghz was a hit or miss. Sometimes it was booting and sometimes it wont boot and was stuck at I believe A2. Hard reboot *sometimes* resolved the issue and sometimes it did not.....Will be starting to test 'next gen' this weekend with the new bios on the same board, hopefully would not have such issues.....

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Actually, i did experience the exact same problem. The board is very quick at posting and rebooting, also very good stability-wise. But sometimes it just won't get past POST.


Profiles that i saved and worked for an hour of stability testing suddenly won't work after a simple reboot. It either freezes at POST, or when loading windows.


Now for me it was no big deal, cause i was simply running on air. But running cold and than expiercing issues could be a pain, i can imagine.


For me the best option was to have a reasenable safe-profile with CPU clock way down, load it, reboot, make sure it enters windows, and reboot and change what i initially wanted to change. Thanks to quick rebooting, it doesn't take alot of time. But still.. something is spooky..


Otherwise a great board. Love it. Both CPU and memory clocking great and really stable :)


Edit: using a 2700K

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G1.Sniper 3 - F4f

G1.Sniper M3 - F4

GA-Z77X-UD5H - F6g

GA-Z77X-UD3H - F8b

GA-Z77X-D3H - F7e

GA-Z77M-D3H - F6b

GA-Z77MX-D3H - F11a


Asrock Z77 Extreme4 1.30


Asrock Z77 Pro3 1.10



M5G BIOS 0880



Updates system compatibility

Improves performance

Improves DRAM Overclocking

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