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1M and 32M SuperPI High Score Anyones?


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who cares about air?


reviews for 99.99 percent ppl?


sin - yes, one i had from intel was max 6.13 GHz -190! and some german guys here reported 5,8 GHz max under LN2 ... with E1

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retested my chip which did 5,8-5,9ghz and could reach 6,3 1m, 6,370 cpuz:




the difference made the increase of bclk.

60x100 no boot

60x103 boot ok



max boot: ~6250mhz, no matter which multiplier. (tested ok: 58x - 61x)

max bclk: 109,5mhz


cbb: yes, when boot below 102,8bclk ~ -150°C

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whats stopping intel from raising the max multi(63x)? cpu is scaling really well.


Wouldn't it be easier to move to a default 125 BCLK? (IB-E)


How is CPU multiplier derived? Higher multis will need a new silicon revision won't they... and 63 is a co-incidentally neat 6-bit binary number (ok, 64 is a binary number, but digital starts at 0, not 1) :)

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...but 125x 63 is just short of 7.9GHz. :D


No-one complained about any other chips having fixed multiplier but ever-increasing FSB/BCLK options... as long as we get the MHz, who cares which component of the clock we're adjusting? :D

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thanks for sharing.

how is the die connected to the ihs?

any information on how you managed to pop it off? :D


I removed it with a big screwdriver ... BTW i didnt care to break it because the CPU was allready dead. Between DIE and ihs, there is some thermal paste.

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thanks for sharing



how do you guys overclock your ivy?


-i guess on asus - rog connect

-gigabyte - tool in windows? (i just tried asus, so i have no clue about gb)


did anybody try the intel extreme tuning utility mentioned here:





is it good? :D

or does it just work on intel boards?

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