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1M and 32M SuperPI High Score Anyones?


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forget extreme tuning. Right now please use Easytune6,. it is fully functional as far as I am concerned.


Easytune has a terrible reputation. I haven't used it on Intel, but on AMD, its reputation was well deserved. Flakey, crashes, and basically unusable for extreme/subzero overclocking.


Is it miraculously better now on IB? I doubt it.

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I removed it with a big screwdriver ... BTW i didnt care to break it because the CPU was allready dead. Between DIE and ihs, there is some thermal paste.


I thought intel CPUs had used a fluxless solder between die and IHS in recent years:



Are you saying its just paste between the IB die and IHS now? If so, I'd expect improvements in air/water benching by popping the IHS and cooling the die directly.

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The 3770K one we did today had major cold issues at -120. Also couldn't boot with temps lower than -100°C with RAM clocks of 2600Mhz. 2800Mhz was no go, no matter the temps. 3750K was so sweet at 6.3 with 2800Mhz RAM...
are you sure it's the CPU and not the board? Some boards, like non-ROG ASUS, had issues going under -100ish
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Just to clarify, has anyone seen an IB chip with a cold bug yet?


I can't get away long enough to go to the LN2 store to pick up LN2 and try myself. :(


Hell yeah I've seen a few but normally in annoying spots like -170 that are quite hard to control, right in the middle of supernova

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It wasn't really coldbug, but rather cold "issue" with IMC.


All you guys know it's similar behavior like the 990X Gulftown: some chips liked cold, some didn't. Some chips liked high VTT, some didn't. Some chips did 5G uncore, others didn't, etc etc etc.


Same board had no issues with another chip we tested.

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of course am3, 01, 03, 05 are interesting. but as i dont have sbe (anymore :D) i want to know 3dM11/vantage stable settings.


first i was in a "sandy-mood".... like if 6,3ghz would be stable for 1m, 6,2 should work for 3dM11...


but ivy doesnt seem to behave like sandy in terms of stablity, so you cant expect every benchmark within a 100mhz range are stable.


i guess (not sure yet and waiting for confirmation of the other guys here) that there is a huge gap between cpuz-stability & eg. vantage/11. - if you guys cant share because of nda, please just drop me a message :)



basco and i tested a retail 3770k on mvg 0701bios yesterday:

max cpuz: 64xx mhz

multiplier 62x & 63x possible to raise in win (asus software - no rog) but 63x not stable.

max 3dM11: 61xx mhz



have to boot a minimum of 102,8bclk to prevent from cbb.

after boot i cant lower the bclk to 100 -> freeze at 101bclk.


it would be cool if you would share some insights of your oc-experience here, like

-scaling with volts/temps,

-how many chips binned (&mentioning the worst results so the average joe knows already what to get :D ),

-3d stable settings (everybody is posting spi)

-etc, etc



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  • Crew
are you sure it's the CPU and not the board? Some boards, like non-ROG ASUS, had issues going under -100ish


We benched the same board up to -160 the day before at 6400Mhz with another CPU. IMC was crap of that 2nd CPU. Max bootable was just below -100°C with 2600mhz ram speed... but barely stable, just a 32M... then she would go out if we stressed all cores...

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