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Pro tip - who can actually believe that this is a bug? I would be inclined to think that this was designed to happen... Because, well... anyone observed the same bug in Win7? No? Then... why change the RTC clock to be so dependent on the CPU clock, that can change up and down any way use want? Makes a little sense to see it as error...


It's not a bug, it is by design. RTC is used for systems that have no on-board clock generator. These systems are usually very low-end, where every added dollar matters. Windows 8 is designed to be compatible with all sorts of devices.


I'm sure compatibility is higher on the priority list than at runtime overclocking.

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Massman -

systems that have no on-board clock generator... Windows 8 is designed to be compatible with all sorts of devices


That is a quite poor excuse for rendering the system useless benchmark-wise. Also it is the most simple thing to add something like - IF RTC clock exist, use it. ELSE use own clock.

Also that does not explain why Win7 did not suffer the same "bug."


Some "bugs" that actually "speed-up" things are too much of a coincidence to happen in so envolved version of a flagship product, that is supposed to go thru serious betatesting.

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This issue only persists when the base clock frequency is adjusted at runtime. Overall CPU frequency or multiplier adjustments are not causing this. All automatic overclocking is done via the CPU ratio. In other words: except for those who downclock the bclk at runtime, this is a non-issue.


That would be 99,999% of the people.


I have not seen a single press release where this bug was exploited for marketing purposes. It is very fair to assume this is just an overlooked scenario when making design decisions.

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