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story continues.


Couple of hours ago: http://hwbot.org/submission/2450692_lautajo_3dmark___fire_strike_extreme_geforce_gtx_titan_6720_marks/


And my reply: http://hwbot.org/submission/2450759_alatar_3dmark___fire_strike_extreme_geforce_gtx_titan_6729_marks/




^ Competition is nice, you pushed yourself to improve your score by 10%


Yup and most importantly it's fun :D

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Christian Ney -

Yes and No it's not dead, Yet! :D


Oh, that is a sad look. A new PSU 24pin connector you can get from Mouser.com, just use search for this item number:



(PSU AXT 12V 8pin got this number: 571-1-794305-1 )


Good luck replacing it and fixing the cause. Mining should not be as power hungry, that it fry the connector... yet I read specs of these connectors and oddly enough, they say only 6A per pin, so... I quess we kinda overloading these in our computers :(

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