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Re team member no TPP points?


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For some reason Rosty's scores were not linked to his team. I've fixed that now and I'm trying to get the engine to recalculate the TPP as well.


Should be fixed in an hour or so :).


This is solved now.


Same problem in my team. No points from our new teammate havli....and for maybe week or two


Same issue as with Rosty. Just updated the results and now recalculating the TPP.

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You had 2900 in the same team? And no one else joined that team while you were in another team?



While were at it, I noticed a wierd bug where one team can have 2 users with HTPP for the same hardware/benchmark.

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Hm. Ok.


Can you link to the 2 users with HTPP from the same ranking.


One was me, the other one had the points but when I did the switch we both had HTTP.

If I did a manual recalc on that bench the points rightfully dissapeared :)

Just some caching issues I guess, probably fixes by itself once a force recalc is done.

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Can't find the issue Genieben is talking about :(.


Similar bug perhaps (HTPP scored twice for same user, same chip):




Somehow there are 2 separate rankings for CPU frequency and fx-6100.


That should be fixed.

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