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Gluvocio - Core i7 920 @ 4671MHz - 50534 marks PCMark 2005


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Thank you all Guys! for Trasparent windows I think it's like " my old tweaks " + "some new devices" + " bob tweak " .... windows rain could be the name ? :D ----

Page rendering I believe to have understood " ukraine/youngpro page rendering " ---- but pro did 73 with sandy bridge , I did only 69 ... still need to make something better-----

I bought 2 arc 1280ml , cheap and fast ... Theyr best general usage run was with half ans9010 per once with maximus extreme 4 .-----

But I had problems with virus scan, so I used 2xcrucial m4 there.----

I should test them better. ---

I believe that onboard controller ram makes caching, I have less differences ------changing disks there than changing disks on Southbridge.----

Main solution was 2xcrucial on single controller ( used also on this run )-----

Even if SSDs are sata3 , I've found a nice result :-) ---

I playes off it pre-ivy-bridge :-) ---

I think I'll give hints on tweaking guide, but not for all :-P

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Guest John Lam

Thank you GLIVOCIO!! I saw your comment in my record , you are the pro of PCMark 05!!



onboard controller ram make caching is true, Crucial M4 has 128MB Cache on SSD , Maybe you can try Plextor M3Pro which have 2 x 256MB DDR3 Cache

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