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Ivy Bridge 3570K/3770K Batch and Serial Numbers


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I suspect the rule is true, but has to be approached from 2 directions.


I *expect* that all 6.5GHz+ chips do 5GHz at 1.275-1.30v?


But not all chips that do 5GHz at 1.275-1.30v? will do 6.5GHz+


Depends on what your booting at (number of cores and HT). I used 50x100 4c/8t for testing on air, the chips that booted with these settings @ 1.375-1.425v also did (or really close to) 6500mhz spi 1M on LN2. For air tests i used P8Z77-V Deluxe, Prolimatech Mega and LCC set to High, ambient 20 deg C.


My best so far boots 50x100 4c/8t @ 1.3625v and does 1M and pifast at 6700mhz affinity set to strongest core. I also found several chips that could not boot 50x100 at 1.55v in exact same batch.

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Depends on what your booting at (number of cores and HT).


Exactly :) Most of Ivys uses are single threaded. Even the 06 scores that are going up are without HT.




needed ~1.4V also to boot 5 gig on air.


Settings I usually used:


1.7 - 1.75V


57x100 or higher bclk usually doesn't made a big difference at that point


I think 6 gig 2D on cascade (-80 till -100°C) is a good indication of an ok chip



How many cores? :)

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5GHz Air 1.35 4/8


Ln2 GD65 6580 1.77 Wprime 6340

32m test : need to set all timings manually or very bad performance if set auto, bad subs setter, nice memory clocker and i hate Control center, you need windows managment service enable to open CCII and need framework 4 on 2D OS ..... oh no i like tiny OS :D*


Ln2 M5G 6610 1.77 Wprime 6390

32m test : Simply Rock but loves nice memories, with normal memory is a bit lazy board, Best memory Clocker and very stable board.


Ln2 UD5X 6470 1.77 Cold problem Wprime 6390

32m test: Simply Rock like M5G, nice memory clocker and nice performance, Great tool for OS OC much better than asus and msi tool, on LN2 killed me with CBB.



Cpu don't scale after 1.80


+2900 IMC 1.25 VTT on all Boards with samsung

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Not sure if I posted earlier in this thread... Thought I did.


Anyways, just figured out my MVG is coldbugged. Tested 3 chips in it so far. One chip was pretested to have no coldbug in another MVG, but coldbugged in mine around -110. The second chip coldbugged in this board at the same points, but ran full pot in another MVG immediately after that. Third chip also coldbugged in my board, and I resold it without testing in any other board.


Replaced the board, used the same insulation method, and did the same thing to pull temps down... New MVG and same chip as before runs full pot without a problem. So confirmed I just had a bum MVG the first go around.


Will be back with chip results.

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Here's a question....


Who has taken a poor-average CPU and replaced the IHS TIM? What if *some* of the variation is down to IHS attachment difference?



....who has done that with a CPU that was already <1.40v for 5GHz? :)

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Well..... what if the silicon is able to do the MHz... but the BCLK or multi holds it back?


If A CPU needs say....1.50v for 5GHz, it's unlikely to be a 6.5GHz+ CPU unless the volts are pushed mega hard.


Maybe to some extent we should draw parallels between Ivy and Cedar Mill binning......




I remember now.... we were all hoping for a 125 BCLK strap because SB-E has it....

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bad batch: 3570k 5.5ghz max


tested on two motherboards

tim was tested ok

coldbugys @ -110c






"55" was cpu related. Its coldbugging outer memory channel. weird problem. both problems existed on two boards.

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Tested my 3570K (3209B767 #1699) on DICE.

5700 1.7V valid

5500 1.68V 3dm06

5600 3dm03/05


The memory controller seems to be a POS on this chip... On H70 max I can get is 2200 no matter what I try, on DICE it easily go 2200+ with exactly the same settings lol

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