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wytiwx - Celeron LGA775 352 @ 8160.9MHz - 8160.94 mhz CPU Frequency


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Actually, I tried 35 Celeron chips. But I think I am still lucky.


The Batch of my CD 352 is 5647B641. The PCB code of my CD 352 is 3565216&3A2019


The thermal paste I used is almost the worst paste, only 5 RMB/20 gram(0.8 Dollar/20 gram). I think I can get higher freq. if I use better thermal paste.


The mobo is not in good condition, because there are only 5 phases for CPU Power supply

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there are so many "obstacles" in this score :D


- all 564xB China I had or heard of were amongst the poorest clockers

- P35 is not the best chipset for suicide validations, at least on ASUS boards I was getting random walls around 7.6-7.8 even with 8G pretested chips

- Gigabyte boards are not popular for CPU-Z validation

- Koolance pot with crap paste


do you have any non-LN2 scores with this chip?

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+1 You really did make this as hard as possible for yourself!


Please can you test for us on air/water with 1.45v? Just mac CPU-Z validation. Don't worry about any load benches :)


Thanks bro!

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I have no idea about the proper pot, is that the Dragon F1?


Now I use the Koolance pot because I have only one pot to use :P


To be honest too, EP35-DS4 is really not a good choice, especially only 4 PCB layers.


But this mobo has no CB/CBB for cedarmill suicide validations with any Vcore.I want to know if there was the same thing on P5E3-Premium, but I have no P5E3-Premium.

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If you don't have these things... but such a good CPU... i see the sponsors running to be first at your door :D

Seriously, getting near to 8200 with this hardware is really nice and pretty humiliating for the rest of us xD It's kind of your duty now to beat TaPaKaH with the real shit :P

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