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I can't log in my account


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Ya just now saw there is another guy from Australia with that user name.

So how can I edit my user name(here in the forum section I can log in with my old user name i.e "Aniket"?

I can't log in my account in the home part anyhow.

Please help me.

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did you have an email to use the retrieve password?


i tryed it juse not for you if that was the email you had for hwbot you should be getting a email with a password


ya,I'm getting email,they are also giving me a password and a link but when I'm clicking it they are telling me "sorry you are not logged in"

please recover my hwbot user name back to Aniket again.

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Fred, I sent Massman a PM ealier in the day as my Bot log-in bounces out almost instantly when I enter. Happens on all different pages and randomly for the last 2 days. Very frustrating and prevents subs and info gathering as I cannot get logged in. Forums are fine.


Please help... Cheers,

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No, it simply pops up the screen as though all is good and log on is successful, but within 2-3 seconds it reverts back to the screen showing me as not logged in. It happens on the team page, home page, and submit score page (probably others as well??). Info gathering is simply manual searches within hardware.


Hope you can help Fred :)



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Tried numerous times on the test.hwbot page, and just as random - sometimes in, sometimes bounced back to log-in page????


On both test and standard pages in gets half way through "...redirecting" me to the new page and then bounces back as if nothing happenned. Randomly (75+% of the time) as I said.


When you have some time.....many thanks

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So, I've tried to change my password following @richba5tard's advice to minimize the risk.

Generated a new password (contains special symbols). The change apparently got through, but can't log in to my forum account.

I've tried to change the password via the site in my account page, but still couldn't log in.

Then tried to use "Forgot Password" feature, 1-2 hours in and still no email in Inbox or Spam folders.

Trying to log in with the changed password locks the account for 15 minutes.

Could someone assist me with the issue?


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