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how do I get my profile changed to the PRO OC league?


I have submitted through my account at least few days ago and have heard nothing back and am still not changed.


I am also having many users complaining and reporting my submissions due to chip used...


what do I need to do to get promoted to proper league?

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Cudos for joining pro league.

Wish everyone that should be in the league, would pick up their balls and do it.... Some blokes bin several hundred chips, of which they dont purchase, from stores, only to bin for hwbot.... That is not suitable for 'oc league'.... But lots of people dont have the decency.

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ic you've been putting your foot in your mouth again Beier with that deleted comment from yesterday


I stand by the comment, but it is not the right thread for it, I edited it multiple times, and then removed it.


Will return, but not in this thread.

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