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Killed an Ivy Bridge?

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Or maybe I'm just foolishly reckless :P


One of the E.S. ( the 6.4G SuperPi 1M chip ) scaled all the way to 1.98V ( probably because it sucked balls, others would do 7GHz Pi 4M with that voltage :P ).


Can't wait to test my retails, gotta get some reviews and articles out prior to that though :(:)

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really? I'm having problems killing 3218C's for RMA on air with 1.9V


lol i had one it started to act funny dimm slots frosted over let it dry for a couple days then code 00 and it was dead xD

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New chips tend to be way better at lower volts, but die easy past 1.8V...mine did not survive 1.84V @6.631 32m...couldn't even scream "fiftynine" or so at the screen as it not even managed loop 14 :P


I had a very nice mount and first time with gelid allowing me wprime 6400+ ~1.776V...just seem to couldn't handle 1.84V on a single core...


That's crap :(


Was that the good CPU you posted in the BATCH thread?

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  • Crew

i just use a 9v battery to kill chips much easier. just put wires from positive and negative then drag the wires over the back of cpu and instant death lol.


i used this method once.. was quick and easy.


i feel really bad about it!

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You can remove IHS, replace bad tim... replace IHS (like a monkey or worse)... put the cpu in the socket...

than run the system under cascade (with bad contact it's quite better) and put 1.75v !!!


...it's done, your chip is cooked :D (time to have dinner)


What? I did it wrong?

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