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New WR freq. at 8805.6MHz


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new batch, good position at waffer, luck, this all aspects can be possible...We need Andre Yangs old good one chip. His FX hit "easily" over 8500 MHz, I believe for answer from him :)


What new batch? It's (1204PGT) older than my second 8150 (1209 PGN) that I got from RMA and it's total crap on water. However not tested on LN2 yet and yes I know you can't make conclusions over different samples. But 600MHz over the previous record isn't something to believe easily, plus all his big validations are rejected.


Someone should test this 1402 bios, I don't have the board. Refused to buy 9xx chipset board from Asus when the Crosshair IV didn't get full-working bios.

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i ll do it tonight, atl east on air/water and @ weekend on ln2 with my good chip to see if it can pull some 9ghz runs, lo lo lo


You should easily get to 6 - 6.5GHz range on air, I believe :P

I can even give you my new batch FX - 10GHz candidate chip with 1.79V.

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the banik: the main problem is, no much people testing FX under LN2, this is real problem. If u seen Chews* FXs, most of these scaling good over 8 GHz in quick test. And it was not binned chip, after this he took one for LHe with "lucky" hand.


Example from my experience: I have 4 FX chip home. And there are differences. One is good for AIR with very good power consumption. But poor with LN2 (7300 MHz max). Second is 7700-7800 MHz chip. Died under LN2, at air was not special, average chip. Others two are 8150. One is average at AIR with "good" power consumption. Second is great AIR chip, but very hot and hungry. This chips still waiting for LN2, my estimate is second chip will be 8 GHz chip with LN2.

If I got support as some guys here, I can testing more FX chips with LN2. Ln2 is cheap here and is about 5km from my home :)




Really?! No problem whatsoever to believe it? I can give you at least 5 reasons why you should be slightly suspicious :P


Did u read all my text?:) If he show good run superpi at 8500 MHz, after is at least 8800 MHz validation possible. 8500 MHz superpi must be at least 10-10.5s (without much tweaking uncore, operating systems and bad skill). Tuned FX at 8 GHz has superpi1M about 10.6s

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