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Overclocking ASUS CUW-AM


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It's my first time trying to overclock (I don't want to do it with the home computer), so I found a really old motherboard with a 766 MHz Celeron Coppermine for really cheap. The problem is that it has the Phoenix BIOS 4.0.1 (which won't let me access basically anything to do with processor speed) so I've been trying to do it through software (SoftFSB, CPU Boost, etc), but I haven't found a program that recognizes the old motherboard. Does anybody know of a software that will? As the title says it's ASUS CUW-AM with a Celeron Coppermine-128 processor. Thanks.

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pash1k, look for the MoBo manual. FSB jumpers is what you might be looking for. Set it from auto to FSB100 thus pushing your CPU to 1150MHz. Both my 733 made FSB 100 (1100MHz on the CPU) easily.

Besides look this page: http://www.cpu-cool.de/FSB.HTM and learn how to figure out your clock generator. Then let us know what it is (because they might be complicated cases on it's marking) and search for a program that works with it. CPUFSB is likely - it was made in these times so supports many PLL's from that age.

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