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Ivy IHS. Lap, not remove?


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What if there was a heatsink base that was so abrasive that it lapped the outer portion of the chip but stopped just short of removing the print in the middle? ;) My heatsink made a start on that, clearly. My warranty is still intact.


Flat is flat. We don't really want to remove 1mm of IHS height unless we want the same mounting mechanism workaround as removing the IHS completely


Do you see what I mean? ;)


Or, of course for the best possible improvmenet, lap the whole surface and balls to the warranty. ES guys especially ;)

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I see ofc, but I say I had to go deeper to be totally flat... and erase the print in the middle though -.-


No issue for mountings. It ain't 1mm lol



Check out:




Yeah yeah it's a keychain ^^

But before I burned it, it worked perfectly and gained few degrees under air/water/SS


@Splave: mwahaha! Oh! Really? ...and how could they know/prove :rolleyes:

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worth a shot


eeky nox, warranty is void if you OC it techincally ;)


no, Intel offers OC protection full warranty, no questions asked unless you physically alter or damage the CPU. So even if your pads burn you are covered. It is $25 i think for a 3770K and you can buy it whenever, but only once. http://click.intel.com/tuningplan/


So I mean, i only see benefits if you want to do air/water, not much at all under LN2, unless you have like issues.

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