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G.SKILL Computex 2012 live benching


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Hey guys


we had a amazing week benching with some great Overclockers at computex 2012 gskill booth last week with Youngpro (OldPro from Tajikestan), Shamino ( Mr.Wolf from Mongolia ), Dino (dinos36 from turkistan), Hicookie, Kingpin, Tin, Duck-San, Fredyama-San (Grandfather), Massman, Elmor, Before.


first of all i know what u guys want to see so here we go







We focused only on memory OC, here are some of the results we were able to achieve this week.



4.47.469 Pi32m Retail 3770K from Fredyama-San CPU




3286MHz on G.SKILL 2800CL11 16GB memories on maximus V Formula







Highest Bandwidth we ever seen right? the crazy TridentX 2800CL11 with hynix ICs TIGHT timings, look at that READ





















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  • Crew

seriously great week, amazing to bench with such benchers during the week,


some highlights for me, Shamino being introduced as Mr Wolf from mongolia, and Peter's howl to the moon in response,


benching pi with fredyama-san again, insane to post the highest 32m result ever on stage (even if it was beaten twice in the coming days)


watching duck-san and Vince bench the 4-way rig, with Tin in support, definatly a sight to see


elmor on the VGA, i don't think anyone has an understanding on subzero VGA like Jon


Hiwa is a nutcase with memory, always knows the right timings to set and has a great understanding of IC's


and of course, benching with hicookie and Dino, always a pleasure!

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