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Gyrock - 2x Radeon HD 7970 @ 1450/1800MHz - 22615 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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Hi K404-san!

Thanks for your comment for such an old submission :)

As far as I know, 3DM11 requires GPU power much more than CPU one, so the impact of CPU clock is not big.

For the score range like this, even if you earn 1000 pts more from PT, you can only get 80 pts for total score..

The impact is so small that we would better take care of GPU temperature for the best efficiency from VGAs.

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Sorry Gyrock-san, I disagree. I have a 3DMark11 calculator and if I use these examples, based on your 22615 score (I change one variable at a time):


Physics score - 1000. Total score = 22355 (-260pt)

Physics score + 1000. Total score = 22851 (+235pt)


GPU score - 1000. Total score = 22058 (-560pt)

GPU score + 1000. Total score = 23156 (+550pt)


Of course, adding 1000 to the CPU score is a bigger % increase than adding 1000 points to the GPU score.


.... but I do not understand how you matched the Physics test and Combined test scores of people running 500MHz higher than you. Good tweaking? (quite possible!! :D) Bug? (I hope not :()

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Hi K404-san


You are right and I am wrong:P

I just misunderstood the figure, sorry for that.


Your calculation is correct, as my calculator says the same :D

Refer to attachment file.


The reason of good PT score is due to ver.1.0.1 whose PT score is higher than other versions.

It' no secret. Please read the thread below.


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Hi subaruwrc-san :)

There is no trick of Vantage CPU test, on X79 all you need to do is memory tweaking for better efficiency. That's the very different point compared to on X58.

Mem clock@1200MHz and timing like 9-11-9-27 or 8-11-8-27 would give you 1000 more points, I think.

Try this :)

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^ True I have tested with same conclusion for moa Americas


Tight timings better than frequency :) and 1.0.1 version give boost without any changes.


2400 10-12-10 (GTX8 Hynix)



1866 8-8-8 (dominator GT Hyper)



700 points faster in physx (2.25FPS)


here is 5.0ghz 8-11-9 2400mhz for 17.2k



so tighter timings and 100mhz more cpu clock is totally achievable 17.6k



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