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MSI GTX 680 Lightning...its here


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Hi Guys,


Just want to ask, do anyone knows what happens to the card when we only remove the PR133 resistor and not connecting it to the C162 Caps? I'm not good with soldering so I might end up destroying the Solder pads with the hardmods X_X




If you don't connect to c162 your vid voltage will not increase to 1.4

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Im very behind on the gpu, so you use this new bios + the hardmod? gives you 1.4vid default then you force p0 state and raise voltage with AB but currently only 1.6*v max?


Yes use the new BIOS + hardmod.

I think the VID hardmod only help for booting into OS though, since when I was using stock LN2 BIOS without hardmod I also have this voltage limitation.


On Stock LN2 BIOS(1200 boost, 1.225 VID IIRC), I got this +387mV limit on Afterburner, limiting the voltage to exactly 1.62V as well.

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Ok hardmodded my card, now can boot the 1300 BIOS successfully at 1.4v on HSF. Boot 1500 BIOS still needing LN2 about -10C though.


And the max voltage from Afterburner now stuck +212mV (approx 1.62/1.63 V idle voltage), does anybody got the same limitation?


I've got exactly the same limitation here... it's sad not to be able to give more juice to my card...

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This solution is the best... you have +700mV in ABX with that BIOS :)



I have tested all bioses and I couldn't find any which works 1.62v+, all stop, regardless hardmod. I tested it on retail cards and on MOA sample. All LN2 bioses have +700 slider but it will work only up to 1.62v on multimeter


Do you use MOA sample card or other? Please tell me which ABX and which bios exactly you are using

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  • Crew

card #1


-135 1.74v 2000mhz


card #2


-145 1.78v 1900mhz


both only vcore mod and AB nothing else


both with aux at +100 not sure if it helped


volts help ALLOT. Vince uses close to 2v for his runs. Yes it's probly dangerous for your card but if you want high clocks go crazyyy

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  • Crew
whats the difference between the vid mod and the vcore mod?

vcore mod is with 100ohm VR pot..


the difference is,


vid mod locks the card to 1.4v. some cards red screen at that volts booting in to windows. So if you have an unlucky card you will have some problems. Vid mod also limits you to 1.62v in Ab. which is too little. You can still own with vid mod tho no problems.


Vcore mod is like a normal mod, goes from 1v to 1.35v. then do the rest with AB


DON'T use vcore mod with the NORMAL ln2 bios, that ln2 bios has some weird volting going on so you might see random .2 jumps in vcore. The MOA ln2 bios is perfect tho

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