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pentium 4 512 have s478 cpus in a 775 socket class

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Hello, I personally also made the same mistake in this socket 775 class. I was looking at other submissions and noticed s478 cpus' listed, so I entered my submissions. I recently noticed pentium 512 are a socket 775 cpu and I deleated all of my submissions in the class.


I also went though every single submision and flaged cpu-z picture provided submisions that showed an s487 cpu in the provided picture. I also cross referenced the motherboard used in a few cases that cpu-z provided picture was not shown but a listing of motherboard used was, I then flaged the users useing a s478 motherboard in the 775 motherboard class. In otherwords I flaged about 10 submisions in the pentium 4 512


Might need to look at that class and see how much damage I did in the rakings in this processor class, sorry for the confussion, but I think it would be fair for other submiters not to make the same mistake as I had when I only looked at other submiters cpu-z pictures and thought I was in the correct class.


I just hope the submiters dont just errase the clues of type of cpu and motherboard used and resubmit the same score posts possablely again in the wrong cpu class.


I personaly forfited two or three cups in this cpu class so the pain is felt here deeply for everyones' mistakes.

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