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G.SKILL TridentX + Maximus V Formula Z77 Strongest COMBO ... 3000 SuperPi 32m AIR


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Hey guys

Got the mobo and memories and started to test them, this combo seems the best for ivyBridge CPUs and Z77 Platform, the G.SKILL TridentX 2666CL11

Could do easy +3.0GHz under SingleStage -20 degrees, the Maximus V Formula is simply AWESOME and Stable board, first time i tried this board at Computex 2012 and the board was stable with 2KG Ice :D close the memories and cpu and VGA never shutdown never hot any problem with it.


With the right CPU this combo fly over 3.0GHz memories easy even on air cooling

here are some results with latest Bios 0502... check it out....



2666 9-12-12-21



2666 9-12-11-21




2666 10-12-11-25 Extra tight timing




2933 11-13-13-35 mmmm seems IMC is good lets try higher with higher VCCSA and VCCIO




3000 11-13-13-35 SuperPI 32m my dream comes true :D





lets go higher


3020 11-13-13-35 Pi8m



3040 11-13-13-35 you know i hate 1m :D





3010 11-13-13-35 Pi8m quick video

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2v :D


Great job Hiwa!


One question though: How far we can go with vdimm just on air cooling? (even if I wanna test with SS ^^)


hynix and sams = after 1.85 they don't give u much MHz they don't stop scaling but for example 1.80 u get 2750 and 1.85 u get 2800 but 1.95 u get only 2820 at least close to 1.85 /1.90 enough for benching with very good strong fan.

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