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BeepBeep2 - Phenom II X4 965 BE @ 6748.7MHz - 10min 31sec 657ms SuperPi 32m


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Lmao. I had one like this with K8 a couple of years ago. In the lead even after 24th loop finished, but lost by 0.1s in the end... to massman I think it was :P


You're still more lucky than me with C5F - my board has cold boot bug at -90, and seems to coldbug at like -180c.


No gain my lowering TRC? I can run 11... as tight as it goes.

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Look at my best Deneb runs. It's not because I can't run trc=11 :P


Oh..and btw I still don't know how to master the final loop. Usually lose some time there when I'm far ahead after the 24th loop.


Beep, if you compare our scores, you're only faster at the first 2 loops, due to pure speed.

But..my final loop is bad.


Looking at Calathea's score, I'm 1 sec faster than him until the last loop, but at the end our times are very close. That's why I was disappointed, because I had a proper run, but lost it - 10:29.xxx.

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Yeah, that is interesting. I was 1 second faster than you in the last loop. As far as TRC, I always thought it was most efficient to run CL + TRAS, chew* told me that TRC = 11 was slower but could allow higher clocks with some DDR3.


I'm not sure what is up with TRC = 15, must be faster? Not sure.


I know on K8 + NF590, I found that TRC = between 13-15 was fastest no matter what primary timings you used.

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What mattered to me the most was CAS Write latency though, default is 8 I think but 6/7 are just so much faster, can improve time by 3-4 seconds even.

When I get back from vacation in mid July I'll have more time to test, but having only 30L on hand at a time is a little inconvenient, goes fast when things aren't going as planned.

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