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OCSnap to automate loading CPU-Z, GPU-Z and screenshot


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+1 for profiles. I'm often changing resolutions after the bench finishes and before I take the screenshot, depending on what I'm running exactly. Profiles would be essential so that the tool quickly works for whatever I'm doing currently.


Also would be nice if it could be configured to apply a desktop background when it launches the apps. I'm always benching with no background, but that isn't what I want to use when I take the screenshots. Changing desktop backgrounds is cumbersome, so I often don't bother to change the background for the screenshot... If this tool could also quickly set the background, that would be perfect.


I don't do watermarks like a lot of guys do, but I'd like to use a background with my site logo and my username. Other guys might like it to watermark the screenshot, more so than set the desktop background.

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Sweet app, thanks.


Here's my feedback:


- Sometimes there is no space on the screen or I just want to overlap different cpuz windows to save space or to arrange them better. It would be nice if I can set z-index for every cpuz/gpuz screen if I want to. Any other way to achieve this?

- It would be also nice if I have a control for the delay. Sometimes opening several instances of cpuz/gpuz too fast is causing the apps to crash.

- +1 for the customizeable path for screenshots. I don't like saving them on the desktop, but in a separate folder on a usb stick or different partition. But if the goal is "keep it simple", which I admire, then it's ok to skip this.


PS: As I see the app opens cpuz windows based on the selected tab index, i.e. starts from the highest index (e.g. 4 for Memory) and opens this first, when in fact I need it opened last and overlap with the other window (index = 3 for Mainboard).


Edit: Uhm, no...maybe the order is bottom to top, right to left on the screen? Open order would be so much easier.

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Have started using it during benching as well.....Awesome lightweight tool. Havent crashed yet because of the tool yet so all seems good, though would like if the tool will minimize once 'save screenshot' button is clicked so the ss doesnot have OCSnap itself.

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  • 9 years later...

Bump, digging with a golden shovel after 9 years...

Someone on the HWBot discord mentioned this neat tool. Sadly the issue with winxp is still persistent... Is there any hope that either @W1zzard fixes this or maybe the source is released so someone else can have a look at fixing this? 


Reading the Microsoft docs on this, it seems that compiling it against PSAPI v1 instead of v2 should be enough?


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