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My Score was Blocked... Why?


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Hey folks.


I was just crusing some of the results, and noticed one of my results was missing.


I then found out it was "BLOCKED". So went and lookat my results.. Its a PCMark05 screeny.. which is legit.. because I did run it. Had PCMark Description , points, and CPUz all in one photo.


Here is my results link: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=571506


I did a search in the forum, but didn't find a thread where this was brought up. So if anyone can help explain why ti was blocked, it would greatly be appreciated.




Ok - I added my PCmark Validation Link to the Result here it is for quick reference: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?pcm05=717485


Suggestion - Can you please send an e-mail when your score is blocked or marked under suspicion. I did not post the PCMark verification, due to the fact that FM system was down when I was done benching. There was no cheating intended at all.


I just happen to come across it when I was surfing the results for the e4300. I was looking to better a few points, and was wondering what my scores were.


So I searched "TiTION" / "e4300". To my surprised I saw my score was blocked. I then read on a thread JMKE recommended that Top 5 3DMark have FM validation.


Even if you can just list in my personal results, what scores I have blocked. I would be more the happy to validate them.. or even run them over again if possible.


You have a great system, but having a score blocked w/o any knowledge of it was very frustrating. Now I am wondering if any of my other scores were blocked.



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