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Is this ok or should I delete it?


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Someone reported this submission:



It isn't a particularly valuable score, so I could just delete it. It looks like I made a mistake and forgot to click the memory tab - there are 2 CPU tabs displayed for CPUz.


The score is accurate for the clocks however, not especially well tweaked, and memory settings make very little difference for UCBench. I'd like to keep it because there aren't a whole lot of 7GHz UCBench submissions and despite it not being worth much or especially good, I'm proud of the result.


I've never had one of my submissions reported before, so I'm not sure how to handle it. Ruling from hwbot staff?

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I can give you an answer :


An HWBOT moderator, "Christian Ney", has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'insufficient verification'.

This was the reason the user gave:

you forgot cpuz cpu man, have to block



So yes, they do care :)

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for My Defence:



"hwbot Is Not impartial, Neither Are The Result Moderators"

Omg!! R'ly? :D


I'm joking of course, but I think it's not that good though :/


Even if I know you did'nt report that score, moderators can be quicker than others to report what impacts on their own ones ;)

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We should use "common sense", that is: don't block EVERY result that does not strictly follow the rules, if it's low boint and "normal" in terms of clocks and efficiency, then maybe blocking is not needed. If it receives a fair amount of boints it's different, you can't get away with a top 20 global score without a mem tab in any case for example. I wouldn't block this one, but you do run the risk of having a sub blocked if there's something wrong with the screenshot. It was CN's decision, so I won't undo it.:P

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I love the suspense! lol


Is a blocked score still listed under a members profile/history? Stopping to think about it, that's all I'm really concerned with... It doesn't count for my league ranking, it only gets 7 points for the team, but I'll remember I did it if its still in my hardware library and that's what actually matters to me.

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Gone completely from my profile now, like I never did it.


And turrican had just reviewed and approved it earlier today. Lol


An HWBOT moderator, "Turrican", has marked one of your submissions as 'checked by a moderator'.


This was the reason the user gave:


no need for system picture. score is ok, so no mem-tab is ok this time, but next time please don't forget it. ;)

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