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BCLK locked in Win 7 in 100 MHz

Guest Ximi

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I comment the configuration:


Maximus Extreme IV with the latest Bios, 3208.rom

RAM, G.Skill @ CL8 of 2400



Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit


Anyway, I set the Bios on the BCLK 103.5 to raise the RAM in Win 7 and I get to 100 and does not rise.

Currently I have it in for testing 40x103.5 in Bios and Win 7 on CPU-Z Brand 100x40 me.

I have savings enabled C1E, EIST.


Someone could help me ...... any ideas ..

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Sometimes it happens that I also mark the M4E error Code 55.

Then I remove the RAM I get it off the PC and Ok again.

Sometimes if I put it in 2133 are CL8 XMP and I mark in Win 7, the values ​​of JDEC 3 or less MHZ and worst latencies at CL9.


Any idea that could be happening?

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It is solved by changing BIOS, the 3208.ROM is developed to Ivy and it was not appropriate for my CPU.

Now is perfect and the BCLK to 103.5 Mhz version of the BIOS 2050.ROM.

Luckily I could return back to the version of the BIOS.


Thank you for your attention ... :)

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