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Dark Welder cheated results?


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Have message from Massman


"Dear Dark Welder, Dear Z.O.T team moderators,


Hereby I'd like to inform you all of the fact that HWBOT result moderators have caught a member of your team using one single piece of hardware to submit in different hardware categories by changing the driver string. We offer Dark Welder the opportunity to clear up his profile in the next three days. If the cheated results are still present after three days, his account will be suspended.


I hope you understand that we take this matter seriously.


Best regards,





About what results he talking...Dark Welder have foto of hardware to all new 3d results....give me links plz. thx.


I have 0 results to modarate....

3Dmark 2001: 0 reported submissions

3Dmark 2003: 0 reported submissions

3Dmark 2005: 0 reported submissions

3Dmark 2006: 0 reported submissions

3DMark Vantage - Performance: 0 reported submissions....?!?!?

Edited by Massman
removing name and email
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Photos of HD4250s:




later, I'll give still photos with the cards. 2nd photo is bad but you can compare it with photo of HD3570s:


All this OEM cards are from Depo Computers service center therefore there aren't any serials on it. HD3570s have other bar codes with the names and stickers with codes of this kind of cards that marks the service center.

I'm noob with photoshop and same programms and also don't know how to "change the driver string"... On HD4250s 10.1 ATI drivers established crooked therefore GPU-Z don't display catalyst version. Sorry my awful english

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