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We thank Neoforce and DoNNy for the translation!


DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS LINK - test server: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/


If you find bugs, please report. If there are any suggestions to improve the text, also let us know using the following format:


"LINK TO PAGE": "current text" => "new text"


You can also check the attached translation file for errors.

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  • Crew

needs code fix in REV3.5

In the country rating the word "More" isn't translated.

In the news block the phrase "more hwbot.org news" is translated, but the link "hwbot.org news" in each news isn't.


In the overclockers league block, Teams and Countries the number 10 for the tenth team is being showed as "0". You should move all of the blocks text to the right a bit.



And the "Compare Processors" doesn't fit and goes on the next line. Make the letters a bit smaller. The same for the "Compare Videocards". Or the last letters go over the triangle.



The buttons "compare" aren't translated (сравнить) in the compare blocks.


The words "browse processors" and videocards don't fit in a single line.


The tabs on the main page aren't translated.


"News" => "Новости"

"Competitions" => "Соревнования"

"New submissions" => Новые результаты

"Forums" => "Форум"



The new options in the right block are interesting, but they aren't translated.

"Worldwide" => "Мировой"

"Europe" => "Европейский"

"Russian Federation" => "Российский"


The Login block.


The Login button isn't translated => "Войти"

The loginname in the text box => "Логин"


In the top of the news block - News feed: is written twice - the Russian word and "HWBOT news: "


But there's another mistake - the link on the right, "hwbot.org news feed" in the Russian version leads to http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/?&memberHOFScope=country

The correct link is in the phrase "HWBOT news" that is to be wiped out. Didn't check other links - this one has fallen into my sight.


And the list of news links/titles should have a bigger gap between the lines - hard to read. The original was fine.


But in the Team rankings block the best option would be not to take the list a bit right (in order to fix the tenth place visual bug) but to make the gaps thinner - between the place number, the flag and team name. The Russian Overs don't fit already, bot to mention if the list will be moved to the right.


In the top, where the language list is.


"HWBOT Worldwide" => "Мировой"

"Europe" => "Европейский"

"Asia" => "Азиатский"


That's all for the main page, not too much. And 3 a.m.


P.S. in the morning I'll look the pages following the main one through...



"Наиболее" => "Популярное". "Most popular" doesn't fit (switched y resolution to 1280*1024, didn't fit either). So it's weird to leave "Most" better "popular" if only one word is left.


"HWBOT рекорды" - better say "Рекорды HWBOT".

"HWBOT бенчмарки" and "Бенчмарки HWBOT". Otherwise looks like Master Yoda was here :)


The correct translation to "Еще" is "Ещё". Say Hello to minister Fursenko :D


"еще новости hwbot.org" => "ещё новости hwbot.org"


In the "HWBOT benchmarks" block

"Процессор" => "Процессора" - spelling issues that don't exist in English :)

"Видеокарта" => "Видеокарты" or "Графические"

"Материнская плата" => "Материнской платы"

"Память" => "Памяти"


"Нет профиля??" - yep, Russians are a bit offensive if you don't share their interests. I would even put an exclamation mark in the end, though getting away the second question will be sufficient.


"Регистрируйся" - word from unformal conversation. The official version would be "Зарегистрироваться".

The same for "Восстанови" => "Восстановить". In an English manner, the analogy would be "Register, bud" and "Retrive, pal" :)



Hey, I assume this a way to attract the youngsters.


"Тесты" => "Бенчмарки". The first word doesn't directly correlate with the subject of duscussion. I've even seen a book having the second word as a title. It wasn't about computer benchmarks - something about market catastrophy situations analysis - what a pity!

Edited by richba5tard
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  • Crew

needs code fix in REV3.5

First of all, the title of the pages isn't translated anywhere. The one on top of the browser.

Now lets go to the OC league.

You could translate the country names, I'm sure google can handle this ;)

Otherwise, this one "Рейтинг оверклокеров из Russian Federation" looks strange. => "Рейтинг оверклокеров из Российской Федерации"


"Рейтинг" - doesn't have enough space to be seen completely. Move the next columns to the right and change to "Место" - it's shorter. Or maybe just replace it with "#" - because the words "Рейтинг участников", meaning "member ranking" is written a line below. No need to duplicate this.


And yes, it's written that teams with less than 5 overclockers aren't shown. But if you select Afganistan in the OC league country list it will show you a single member. I think that the limitation is only for team ranking - maybe it needs to be deleted from the oc league and HW masters pages?

If I go from the OC league page to the Region page via the tab link, then I can't come back! There are two region tabs there, but the country one disappears. http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/region/europe


And a small geopolitics question - Russia is situated in Europe and Asia. So "Region" is doubtful - I live in the beginning of Asia, just near Japan, Korea and China and Europe is hell far away. In fact if you look at the map you'll see that the Asian part of the country is much bigger.



If we select a certain team member ranking http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/team/tech4pcs_team...'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/team/tech4pcs_team...

The same for goes the menu (line and transpation) as previous and the ranking table issues.

But for addition, ""Tech4PCs Team..." рейтинг оверклокеров." the team name should be in the end again "Рейтинг оверклокеров "Tech4PCs Team..."."


A better solution would be "Select a different team". Same for the country ranking - "Select a different country", not "Change country ranking". And I see that the bug of the description "(country with less than 5 participants not shown)" came from the original page. http://hwbot.org/rankings/overclocker/country/algeria - don't see even 5 members, but the country is there in the list.



country rankings.


Found another typo on the main page - independent from the language. It's on the records block - the CPU-Z record. It's written "mhz" after the number. But it should be written as "MHz" - Hz for Hertz and capital M as a magnifying prefix.


At last we get to the Hardware Masters tab: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/hardware.masters.do

We see the text being not translated yet. Hope not everything will be translated - "Hardware master" and "HW king" should be left as they are.

The main bug with this tab is that the "Region" tab dissapeared. I've seen two of then when going to the Region tab - you can take one from out there. :)


And yes, the tabs aren't translated

"Worldwide" => "Мировой"

"Region" => "Региональный"

"Country" => "Страны"

"Team" => "Командный" (watch this one to fit).


Or maybe for the last three - "Региона", "Страны", "Команды" - it's shorter. Used nouns instead of adjectives.




"(страны, в которых менее 5 участников не показываются)" => "(страны, в которых менее 5 участников, не показываются)"


In the dropdown menu where the country is being selected -

"- Любая -" => "Выберите страну". The current word means "Any", though if you select it you won't see the list given from any country. So this dummie shows that you should specify a country, so my version would be more accurate.


If you don't specify a country (click on the "select country") then you see:

"Страна не определена, или нет участников. " => "Не выбрана страна или в ней нет участников."


If we go to the worldwide OC league page

"HWBOT Мировой Оверклокерский рейтинг." => "Мировой Оверклокерский Рейтинг HWBOT." - all words start with a capital and HWBOT being in the end.



http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/team/ - when you go to the teams ranking

The same for "- Любая -" in the dropdown menu. Should be "Выберите команду". But I think that the words "Выберите команду:" right before the menu should be deleted - they are written in bold just above and will be written by default in the menu. Three times is quite more than enough. And the text "(команды, в которых менее 5 участников не показываются)" should be written on the next line with an extra comma: "(команды, в которых менее 5 участников, не показываются)"



"Изменить рейтинг команд:" => "Выбрать другую команду". The same is for the English one "Change team ranking:" - looks like the [Edit] button (now where can I change the ranking?) :D



Can not fix

"1BadMoJoe сделал 243 результатов на 67,9 баллов." - that's one of the complicated spelling rules of Russian. If the first number ends with 1 then it should be written "результат" for example: "1BadMoJoe сделал 241 результат на 67,9 баллов."

If it ends with 2, 3 or 4 then it should be written "результата" for example "1BadMoJoe сделал 24 результата на 67,9 баллов."

In others cases - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 it should be written "результатов" as it is now.

The same for the points - if it's 1 it should be written "балл", if 2,3,4 - "балла" and "баллов" in other cases. The length of the number by itself doesn't matter.


=>Is this really necessary? It's hard to support this.

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  • Crew

needs code fix in REV3.5

If we go to the Team rankings block and click "More" we see again untranslated tabs (they are the same - no need to repeat?).

What we see is team rankings in Russia. But if we go to another tab and then return, using the country tab - then the default window will ask us to select a country. It would be nice if the country tab link would lead to Russian rank by default. The same for OC league.


If not clear, I suggest to change this: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/country/

link (country tab) to this one: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/country/Russian%20Federation'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/country/Russian%20Federation


On the following pages:







If you are logged in it would be nice to change the default http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/team/ link to your own team leading from other tabs and links.


Another thing I've missed - the Hardware masters block on the main page contains masters from your country but when you click "More" it shows only worldwide stats. Would be nice to see the same division like in the OC league.


When you go to worldwide team rankings tab, the Region tab dissapears.

When we go to the region tab http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/region/europe'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/region/europe

We see the "(страны, в которых менее 2 команд не показываются)" - that doesn't make sense, there's no countries, only regions here so the line should be deleted.


The link to the country team ranking leads to Russian by default - that's what we need everywhere! But the link: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/Russian%20Federation'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/Russian%20Federation'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/russian%20federation'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/RUSSIAN%20FEDERATION is written with capitals, although in other places it look like http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/russian%20federation or even http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/Russian%20Federation - the last one leads from team ranking block on the main page and looks best.


If you go to the Country Ranking, http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/hallOfFame.do?type=country you can see that it isn't translated.

If any help is needed, I could handle this.


The last for the main page block on the right is the Records page. http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/worldrecords

"HWBOT Мировые рекорды" => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT"

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в CPU-Z." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в CPU-Z"

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в PCMark 2005." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в PCMark 2005."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в PiFast." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в PiFast."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в SuperPi." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в SuperPi."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в SuperPi 32m." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в SuperPi 32m."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в wPrime 1024m." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в wPrime 1024m."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в wPrime 32m." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в wPrime 32m."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в 3Dmark 2001." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в 3Dmark 2001."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в 3Dmark 2003." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в 3Dmark 2003."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в 3Dmark 2005." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в 3Dmark 2005."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в 3Dmark 2006." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в 3Dmark 2006."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в 3DMark Vantage - Performance." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в 3DMark Vantage - Performance."

"HWBOT Мировых рекорды в Aquamark." => "Мировые рекорды HWBOT в Aquamark."

"Вам не нужно участвовать в рейтинге чтобы появится в этом списке." => "Вам не нужно участвовать в рейтинге, чтобы появится в этом списке." - comma needed.


Wow, that's all on the right of the main page. Left links left and zounds more :D





If you open any news, and you are not logged in, in the bottom you'll see:

"Залогиньтесь для комментария." => "Чтобы оставить комментарий, нужно зарегистрироваться." - took this one from the president's blog. There's no widespread termin for "login" in Russian, so "register" should work.


And again I return to Team rankings. http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/worldwide

"HWBOT Командный рейтинг" => "Командный рейтинг HWBOT"


"Изменить рейтинг стран: " => "Выберите регион: "


And again the "- Любая -" line in dropdown menu.



If you go to the team rankings http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/Russian%20Federation


"Изменить рейтинг стран: " => "Выберите страну: "


"(страны, в которых менее 2 команд не показываются)" => "(страны, в которых менее 2 команд, не показываются)" - extra comma required.


If you click any team profile, for example http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/community/team/m0d or http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/community/team/geopixel_bench_mark_team

In the team name you'll see "m0d\u043fрофиль" => "Профиль m0d". Oh, I'd better not go to the team's page - a number of mistakes seen at a time.



Can not fix

The numbers of places aren't translated - is it going to?

After a number you need to write "-го", like "2-го", "24-го" "83-го". And adding "места" would be good - "24-го места" which means - "24th place".


=> Too much work (for now) to fix this.


There is a bugged stats in the top 5 most active teams - in the original it shows "{0}" and in Russian - 11th place for all teams.

=> Is this still bugged? Seems fine here: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/


And yes, you should add Russian to Asian region.

=> to be discussed




You can also check the attached translation file for errors.
There is no spoon ;) Edited by Antinomy
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  • Crew

needs code fix in REV3.5

When you click on the "points" link on the Hardware Masters page, it leads to http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/members.hall.of.fame.do not the translated http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/worldwide


"username:" => "имя пользователя"


"(dd/MM/yyyy)" => "дд/мм/гггг"

=> todo


The text on the button, "search" => "поиск"



The registration page http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/register.do

"Your information." => "Ваши данные."




When you open the forums tab: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/?tab=forums

The tabs aren't translated as on the main page.

The translation of "Open forums" => "Открытые форумы" is not correct - the word "open" is a verb not an adjective here, right? This can be figured from the balloon tip (which states "Ream more").

So if it's a verb, then "Open forums" => "Перейти на форум".



If we take any news page we can see

"Время" (Time) which in fact is Date :) => "Дата". Error comes from English version.


The new submissions page: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/?tab=new%20submissions

"Лучшие результаты за сегодня" - must have a dot in the end, cause English one has. Or maybe switch both to a colon?


"еще" => "ещё"


"Submissions most favoured this week." => "Наиболее понравившиеся результаты недели." - and maybe a colon?

Translation for "points" required the way I stated above.


The button on the top of the main page "Search in database" doesn't fit on 1152*864 though it does in English. Don't know, from which resolution Bot is optimized for usage. If being changed from "Поиск в базе данных" => "Поиск" or "Поиск в базе" it should.


The search page: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/init.results.search.do

"данные" => "описание железа" or "описание комплектующих"

"данные о частотах" => "частоты железа" or "частоты комплектующих"

The problem is that we don't have a widespread termin for hardware - otherwise they are old and abstract or they are slang words. So I've written both versions.


"фильтровать заблокированное" => "фильтровать заблокированные результаты"

"дата подачи" => "дата публикации"


The block "производитель материнской платы:" is too wide - you should move two other boxes to the right or squeeze the phrase to "производитель мат. платы:". I think the same should be done for the frequency boxes - so that they make a straight column. Will look nice.


Вы человек? (ответ: да) - it's the robot question. Are you sure that the script will eat the answer written in Russian? Just asking, lazy to check.


"Если поставите эту галочку, не будете получать кубки, медали или баллы за ваши результаты. Вы не появитесь в рейтингах, кроме HWBOT мировые рекорды старинцы. " => "Если поставите эту галочку, вы не будете получать кубки, медали или баллы за ваши результаты. Вы не появитесь в рейтингах, кроме страницы мировых рекордов HWBOT."


the password retrievement link: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/members.init.retrieve.password.do

"Lost your password?" => "Забыли пароль?"

"Your email address:" => "Ваш e-mail:"

"Retrive password" (the button) => "Восстановить пароль"


Can not fix


And damn, I didn't check all of the ballon tips on the links.

=> no time :)


"MHz" => "МГц" - and suppose this replacement should be done on all pages of hardware description.

=> hardcoded for each app


The Terms and conditions text not translated.

=> need to provide logic to allow translation of articles, hopefully in REV3.5

Edited by Antinomy
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  • Crew
I'll edit your posts if you don't mind.
I assume this the best way not to mess everything up.
As the test server is REV3.5 beta, and the translation file was for REV3.0, some text is not translated yet. Eg: labels of tabs in your profile.
Yes, but Massman said there's one in the attach though there is no attach at all. The problem is - I don't know which entries are in fact one (for example, the word "more" on many pages) and will be fixed on all pages at a time and when - they are different. For example, the word "points" here and here is different - one is translated and the other isn't which means it's another entry or the link to new entry not fixed.


And the situation when same team or country is written in three different ways - is this the same page from the vision on text entries and translation? Or the "same" pages with links like

http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/world_records and

http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/benchmark.application.info.do?applicationId=1&tab=world%20records - are they the same? Probably some double work done, though not much yet :)

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  • Crew
=>Is this really necessary? It's hard to support this.
No, I just reported a bug. If it's hard, drop it - there are more important things ;)


Your reaction on my comment about the "Not registered" typo made me laugh :D good one.


"Наиболее" => "Популярное". "Most popular" doesn't fit (switched y resolution to 1280*1024, didn't fit either). So it's weird to leave "Most" better "popular" if only one word is left.
You left the word

"Популярные" => "Популярное" - this was the correction. Second letter from the right.


Some of the things marked as fixed don't seem to change. For example the "HWBOT Мировой Оверклокерский рейтинг." on this page http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/worldwide


Man, you are really fast :D


P.S. you are free to delete this after reading, to free space from rubbish.


Edit - got it, the second part of fixes is yet implemented. First part is O.K.

Edited by Antinomy
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  • Crew

I've seen that some of the marked as Rev.3.5 changes were implemented though. For example - the records page. Is it more convenient to you to keep them there or you just missed them to move to the "fixed" ones?

Missed some typos in the previous pages - need to make a second pass.



"Вам не нужно участвовать в рейтинге, чтобы появится в этом списке." => "Вам не нужно участвовать в рейтинге, чтобы появиться в этом списке."


The main page: "В партнерстве с:" => "В партнёрстве с:"


These again http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/country/

"(команды, в которых менее 5 участников не показываются)" => "(команды, в которых менее 5 участников, не показываются)"

Though this comment isn't true anyway cause the limit doesn't work in personal rankings.


"Не выбрана страна или в ней нет участников.. " - delete the second dot.


When we choose a country, the page is a bit different: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/country/argentina

"Выберите регион:" => "Выберите страну:" the word region used instead of country.


The team personal ranking: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/team/

"Команда не определена, или нет участников " => "Команда не выбрана или в ней нет участников " - no comma needed and text add.

After that the lines "Выберите команду:", the menu box and the "(команды, в которых менее 5 участников, не показываются)" should go in three rows, not in one like it is now. This is how it's done on other pages.


The same if we select a certain team: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/overclocker/team/411_overkill

The text entries should be split in three rows.

"411 Overkill рейтинг оверклокеров." - the name should be in the end, like "рейтинг оверклокеров 411 Overkill."


The team rankings: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/country/

"Страна не определена, или нет участников." => "Не выбрана страна или в ней нет участников."

And split the sentences and menu box in three rows like other similar pages.


Team rankings by region: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/teams/region/europe

"Выберите страну: " => "Выберите регион" both in text and menu.

And delete this "(страны, в которых менее 2 команд, не показываются)" line. There's no region without at least two teams :D



"Если поставите эту галочку, не будете получать кубки, медали или баллы за ваши результаты. Вы не появитесь в рейтингах, кроме HWBOT мировые рекорды старинцы. " => "Если поставите эту галочку, вы не будете получать кубки, медали или баллы за ваши результаты. Вы не появитесь в рейтингах, кроме страницы мировых рекордов HWBOT." - not fixed but marked as fixed.


What should I do if spot this - report again or just wait? :)



in the team select menu "Выберите команду" - should be surrounded by dashes like the select country.


Now to the benchmark lists. On individual benchmark records page, for example: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/world_records'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/world_records there is a line "3Dmark 2001 Мировые рекорды" => "Мировые рекорды в 3Dmark 2001." - you can take it from the first sentence after the headline, it's been corrected before. And it's the same except the word "HWBOT". Did I explain enough clear?

And the pages to be corrected:




















The same for download tab in each benchmark: "PCMark 2004 скачать" => "Скачать PCMark 2004" - change places and begin from a capital letter.

Same for http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/pcmark_2005/rules

"PCMark 2005 правила" => "Правила PCMark2005" - for each benchmark and for Info tab in all of them "PCMark 2005 информация" => "Информация о PCMark 2005" - don't miss additional letter "o".


And from each benchmark downloads page:

"Можете скачать поддерживаемую версию здесь. " => "Вы можете скачать необходимую версию здесь"

The word supported is changed to required - fits better.


Is this version http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/benchmark.application.info.do?applicationId=19'>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/benchmark.application.info.do?applicationId=19 needed when this one http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/maxxmem/world_records exists? Some tabs duplicate each other - would be easier to get them together. Or it's quite messy. Some page from appID page aren't traslated but can be copied from "name link" page.


The best way I see to combine the "appID" and "benchmark name" is to move the "stats" tab from the appID page to . I'll take the 3DMark 2001 here as an example. Then go to the page in "benchmark name" version and change the link "здесь" from to '>http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings - this is in fact the only way that I've found to get to the "appID page" version. After that the link on the moved stat tab "3DMark 2001" should be changed from http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/benchmark.application.info.do?applicationId=1 to and fix the team benchmark ranking - it looks a bit bugged: - no members, no flags and so on. And the translation that can be taken from global team ranking.


And the last on google-frinedly version of benchmark page tab - the rankings.

"MaxxMem Зал Славы - Russian Federation " => "Зал Славы MaxxMem - Российская Федерация"

Interesting enough - the headline is red and written with capitals, but when pasted here looks normal. Can you make it not written in capital?

"как MaxxMem многопоточен, Рейтинг разделен по количеству ядер. Выберите рейтинг " - delete this, this test isn't divided by CPU count.


http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/rankings/benchmark/reference_clock/rankings - the same one: swap "Зал Славы" and the benchmark name and Russian Federation to "Российская Федерация", like the previous. And delete the sentence about CPU count division.


Same two things should be done in all non-divided benchmarks:









"как Aquamark rankingranking.benchmark.benchmark_can.make.use.of.multiple.videocards, Рейтинг разделен по количеству ядер. Выберите рейтинг " => "Поскольку Aquamark может показывать прирост при использовании нескольких видеокарт, рейтинг разделён по количеству видеочипов. Выберите рейтинг."

"Количество ядер:" => "Количество видеочипов:"

And don't forget the headline too.


Theese three corrections should be applied in addition to Aquamark (don't forget each chip count too like 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x)to:







And three CPU ones left:





"как wPrime 32m получает преимущество при использовании многоядерных процессоров, Рейтинг разделен по количеству ядер. Выберите рейтинг " => "Поскольку wPrime 32m может показывать прирост при использовании нескольких ядер, рейтинг разделён по количеству ядер процессора. Выберите рейтинг."


I think it won't be hard to apply the correction above to wPrime 1024m and PCMark 2005 as well :)


I've marked the things that are not connected with the language file with red. Hope this will be fixed.

Edited by Antinomy
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  • Crew

Currently there is no need to translate the following in the navigation block on the main page:

"О HWBOT" (About hwbot)

"Статьи" (Articles)

"Правила" (Rules)


because there is no way to make a localized version of articles and the above are made as articles - am I right? So I'll go on thers.


"Available benchmark applications." => "Доступные бенчмарки."

"These are the benchmark applications supported by HWBOT. If you want to see a new one added, please contact us. " => "Здесь представлены бенчмарки, поддерживаемые сайтом HWBOT. Если вы хотите предложить добавить какой-либо тест, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами."

"Application" => "Название дисциплины"

"Statistics" => "Статистика"

"statistics" => "статистика"

"hwboints" => "Баллы"

"Popularity" => "Популярность"

"Links" => "Ссылки"

"world records" => "Мировые рекорды"

"download" => "скачать"

"records" => "рекорды"

"yes" => "да"

"no" => "нет"


Then up to the statistics pages


"3Dmark 2001 Benchmark Statistics." => "Статистика бенчмарка 3DMark 2001"

"Hardware analysis" => "Анализ железа"

"Best performing hardware for 3DMark 2001" => "Наиболее производительное железо для 3DMark 2001"


The same template should be applied to all statistics pages.


Done with the benchmark pages.



The introduction text is taken from the article about HCE, so will be translated when article translation mechanism is developed :)


"Соревнования организованные или признанные hwbot." => "Соревнования, организованные или признанные hwbot."

On the competition page, for example, Jan OC. http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/competition/hoc_jan10

"баллы" => "баллов"

"Соревнование между Соревнование между участниками. Соревнование окончено." => "Соревнование между участниками. Соревнование окончено. Вы не можете более принять участие." - some parse errors I suppose. Same in English.

"Если хотите поместить рейтинг у себя на сайте" - "Если вы хотите поместить рейтинг у себя на сайте"

"Если вы выиграли – свяжитесь с организаторами. " => "Если вы выиграли - с вами свяжется модератор соревнований."

"Призы выиграли:" => "Выигранный приз:"

"Рейтинг ТОП5:" => "Рейтинг ТОП 5:"

"31 Январь" => "31 янв" - shorten the month name, looks better due to spelling issues.

"все туры закрыты" => "все этапы завершены"

"Соревнование заканчивается" => "Соревнование закончилось"

"h" (for hour) => "ч."

"minutes" => "мин."

"hours" => "ч."

"days" => "дн."

"перед" => "до"

"Xtreme_Solid удерживает 1-е место на протяжении1 day!" => "Xtreme_Solid удерживает 1-е место на протяжении 1 day!" - space required before the "1 day" string.

"day" => "дн."

"Xtreme_Solid ему ещё нужно устоять 27 days чтобы выиграть. " => "Xtreme_Solid ещё нужно устоять 27 days чтобы выиграть. " - delete "ему".

"Посмотри детали или подайте результат" => "Просмотреть детали или подать результат"

"тур" => "этап"

"Сорвенование состоит из одного тура:" => "Соревнование состоит из одного этапа:" - mistake in the first word and replace the last.

"Рейтинг основан на баллах полученных по ходу соревнований." => "Рейтинг основан на баллах, полученных по ходу соревнований." - a comma.

"Залогиньтесь или зарегистрирйтесь на HWBOT если вы хотите участвовать в соревновании. " => "Если вы хотите принять участие в соревновании, необходимо зарегистрироваться".

"По итогам соревнований, будут вручены следующие призы: " - no comma required. Don't know about the English one, but the Russian doesn't need it for sure.


Looks like the competition page and the translation don't use a full template because it differs from one compete page to another. Am I right?

Edited by Antinomy
added competition translations
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Одно из преимуществ огромной базы заполненной результатами разгона , является возможность понастроить интересных графиков о процессорах и видеокартах. Мы не хотим ничего скрывать от вас, поэтому пользуйтесь и радуйтесь, процессор или видеокарты база данных.


Ребята, вы издеваетесь? :) Возможность построения графиков производительности процессоров и видеокарт.


чарты? Какие чарты. Графики. Словарь есть? :)

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  • Crew

Когда долго переводишь, русские слова выветриваются и первыми англицизмы в голову лезут, такова специфика. Потому и нужно отдыхать, чтобы свежим взглядом потом посмотреть на написанное. Ну а комьюнити тоже для тех же целей служит :)


Я лично это место видел, но не добрался - просматриваю содержание полным перебором страниц, чтобы не пропустить.

Oh, yeah - speak English, please :D

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  • Crew


"Одно из преимуществ огромной базы заполненной результатами разгона , является возможность понастроить интересных графиков о процессорах и видеокартах." => "Одним из преимуществ огромной базы, заполненной результатами разгона, является возможность построения графиков производительности процессоров и видеокарт." - as TiN said and some extra typos like deleting a space before the comma and adding an extra comma.

"Мы не хотим ничего скрывать от вас, поэтому пользуйтесь и радуйтесь, процессор или видеокарты база данных. " => "Мы не хотим ничего от вас скрывать, поэтому, железячники, утоляйте свою жажду познаний с помощью нашей базы по процессорам и видеокартам."

"Если вы просто читаете спецификации – это не так интересно, посмотрите уже готовые чарты." => "Если изучение технических спецификаций - не для вас, то вы можете захотеть посмотреть на готовые графики производительности."

"Секции." => "Разделы."

"Hardware чарты" => "Графики производительности"


Now to the statistics: http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/hardware.statistics.do

"Hardware статистика." => "Статистика по железу"

"hwbot.org hardware чарты не собираются вручную , а обновляются каждый день 394050 результаты тестов. " => Графики производительности hwbot.org не строятся вручную, а ежедневно обновляются, основываясь на 394050 результатах тестов.

"Так как чарты строятся на поданных сообществом результатах, небольшие ошибки могут случаться." => "Так как графики производительности строятся на поданных сообществом результатах, могут случаться небольшие ошибки."

"Так же учитывайте что многие участники разгоняют свои системы, вы можете не получить такие же результаты, пока не разгоните свою систему." => "Также учитывайте, что многие участники разгоняют свои системы; вы можете не получить такие же результаты, пока не разгоните свою систему."

"Процессорные чарты" => "Графики производительности процессоров"

"Чарты видеокарт" => "Графики производительности видеокарт"

"CPU-Z chart" => "График CPU-Z" - same template for the rest.


http://ru.hwbot.org:12080/overclocking.do - not translated.



"Submitted results this week" => "Результаты, выложенные на этой неделе"

"Results submitted" => "Выложено результатов"

"Submitted results" => "Выложено результатов"



"Higher is better" => "Больше - лучше"



"lower is better" => "Меньше - лучше"

"PiFast чарт." => "График PiFast" - same for the rest charts.


P.S. I like the 404 error page: "Если вы попали сюда по внутренней ссылке, это баг. А если пришли по внешней, то ссылка кривая." :D

Edited by Antinomy
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  • Crew

Hm, it would be better to leave English by default. I personally and many others hate the localized mirrors of vendor sites because they are dumb. It's a habit that is hard to fight with. The same here - the translation is far from perfect and you put it by default.


Or make a easy switch and English by default.

Thank you :)

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  • Crew

richba5tard, can you attach the current Russian language text file? I don't think I should redo the job that Neoforce and Donny did and my fixes being added - it's double work in most cases. Only thing I'll have to do is check it and add new revision lines, not translate the whole text.

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  • Crew

Thank you!

Now I can switch to the main one :)

I've finished the 3.6 changes - can you check this small file because I'm not sure the text is in the right encoding.


Waiting for your feedback.


For two lines:




I'm not sure they should be translated. What are they for?

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Thank you!

Now I can switch to the main one :)

I've finished the 3.6 changes - can you check this small file because I'm not sure the text is in the right encoding.


Waiting for your feedback.


For two lines:




I'm not sure they should be translated. What are they for?


The v36 property file is garbled indeed, can't read it!


userprofile_supported => as in "gif is not supported"

teamedit_team.avatar => as in "Team picture:"

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