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I.nfraR.ed - Core i7 3770K @ 6595MHz - 5sec 453ms SuperPi


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Nah, for me overclocking is not pure frequency and being the first to submit, it's optimizing every aspect of the system that matters in the given benchmark. In other words: squeezing the last ounce of performance from the system.

Just my understanding. I'm not complaining (much) for those "lost" 1.6p, I just feel the proper ranking is in reverse order by cpu frequency (it's a cpu benchmark after all, although other factors play role as well). I can easily beat it with better settings.

CPU-Z validations are okay to rank by submission time. Only frequency matters there.


In case of a tie, chronological order matters. ;)

Seems to be this way in the bot, but don't see how that matters for pi, wprime, ucbench, pifast.

What is more valuable - being fast and in a hurry, picking a better cpu and running at higher frequency or submitting later with worse cpu, but same score (spent more time on tweaking)? I know the answer for me, but others might think different.


That;'s just a hypothetical question, not saying my score is uber efficient. Actually I feel it's quite the opposite :D.


I think Massman once said something like "it's overclocking => more cpu speed = higher rank"

Not applied here, scores are ranked by submission time.


Bottom line is I'm behind Massman, when we all know he sucks :D

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