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m i k e - Radeon HD 5870 @ 1430/1470MHz - 27983 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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Thanks everyone! Was a great card and such a beautiful rig to bench on. The card - a Gigabyte 5870 OC - just made this so easy. During pre-testing on air I thought this card was going to be a complete dud. I barely made it over 960mhz on the core with default voltage. After my first test on LN2 1300 was pretty much where I maxed out. After starting to play a bit more with the voltages on the card - I eventually get rid of the coldbug, and got the card running comfortably at -`186C ( or close to it ...). I would have to only refilll the Kingpin Fatboy LN2 pot every 30 seconds or so and just bench... Brialliant design of voltage regulation etc. allowed me even this weak clocking core to get alive. Oh yeah - 1500mhz on the memory is also possible, just needs a bit of more tweaking.

I will do another live bench session next week - this time 28k will fall for sure - hopefully so will 29k...

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