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Why i not benching for hwbot?

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Marc, showing PiFast 1/64th second / XP "rule", J. Lam violated, plus screens that are obviously screwed up with PiFast, division time issue and not lined up numbers/letters, chopped off letters etc...

Why did he have to change screenshot for exact same score/submission 3 times before he was happy, etc...


I think he didn't pay enough attention to photoshop, and realized that the community is not as stupid as he initially thought, or maybe he wasn't as sly as he thought...


Either way, he should have taken liberty to remove suspicious score he could not prove, or at very least run again and prove it with solid info.


He felt he could do otherwise so he's gone now...

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we all have our opinions


what marc said is completely possible, but so is everything beepbeep said.

JL could be a very good bencher who is just really careless/thoughtless/unorganized/etc. However, JL could be a cocky motherfrucker whose arrogance ended up getting the best of him.


For those of us who like to see the good in people, we may like to think he is just careless and made honest mistake. But just because we like to think that, does not make it true.


Regardless, we will probably never know the whole truth of what happened.

Whether he made a careless mistake or was cheating and got caught, he is a m.o.r.o.n. either way


Good riddance :woot:

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