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Yup, no more silly name changes.


If you really hate this new policy, you can complain to the Australians who were messing with this functionality :D.


Otherwise ... :celebration:


GBT PRs more precisely!!


Thank you Dino !!!


Ya right PJ, what's that mess. Too much confusion if we all change our nicks...


@Hicookie: we miss you :(

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Is AndreaYang available? Maybe it could tempt you Massman?


Request denied.


M.Bacon is available, I reckon


Request denied.


M.Bieber too


Request denied.


Mmmmm.Bacon sounds good!!!


Request denied.


please change mine to Manmass


Request denied.


Is this because of me?

Pieter i'm awaiting the name change since, well since forever :D


I think now you owe me a couple of beers at next event ;)


Request forgotten (PM me again :D)

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