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[BUGS] hwbot: Revision 3.5 up and running!

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This problem is still unresolved:



3rd in the ranking, but second in the the top list.

There was a result which was moved/removed because it was submitted to the wrong section. It has successfully disappeared from the list but it seems its still receiving points.



One more thing:


Lets say your are in the 3dmark06 tab, you click on a result in the list and after viewing it you hit the back button of your browser. Your are still in the 3dmark06 tab but the results are the ones of 3dmark01!

After that the hwbot engine is completly confused.

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Problem, result is not calculated.




This result also is not right "Sempron 140 rank: Waiting for calculation..." and global points is incorrect in my profile. Result has +30, i have +10.

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One more question.


Yesterday, i had


Total Points: 457.00 (Global Points: 157.00) - in wPrime 32M (2.6 Points Global)


I added 1 result in wPrime 32 which gave me 30 Global boints.


And i have: 467.00 (Global Points: 167.00) - in wPrime 32M (30 Points Global)


Why? Where is mistake?

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Hi again!


The "active Core" Setting dont work directly. When anyone upload wPrime and PCMark05 Scores with an AMD and have Scores in more then one Core-Ranking, its the best procedure when he upload first the Scores with the most cores. Until the upload must set the cores again (the engine jumps back to x2 Cores...). Example: i upload my wPrime and PCMark05 Score with my Phenom II X2 555 in 3x Core Rankings, then i set it again in the options to x3 Cores (the engine set it back to x2 Cores). Same procedure with the 2x Core Rankings.

When the engine ignore the Scores, go to "force recalculation" in your profil. So all Scores was shown in your profil and ranked in HWbot. thx to vasgto for this Info.


Can anyone write this in english *g* and post it again? A lot of people upload there scores with x4 Cores in the x2 Ranking, because the engine set it back.

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Hi ppl


There is a bug with livestream video link i guess


I've started my livestream, but hwbot page dont show that

My channel (Xtremelabsorg , 8th) dissapeared in offline list

but did not appeared in broadcasting now :)




Also no Broadcasting 1 video in recent block

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