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chew* - Phenom II X2 550 @ 6166MHz - 23sec 984ms wPrime 32m


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And why not.


We are here to push the envelope, and I offered a little ingenuity with killing cores to drop down to a diff ranking "note" 1core/thread in screen shot.


Semprons can compete in dual core class.....


Is it any diff than any other competition or sport? A fighter drops down in weight class to compete in a lower class.


Use a mobo that allows killing cores versus unlocking and anyone can compete with any AMD cpu, they don't have to buy a "specific" cpu.


My 2c

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Wheres that in the rules and why the option to do so.


But sure if you want to "stagnate" the benching community to using one specific CPU for a Wprime 1x class so be it, Me personally I think it opens alot of doors to push the bar further not to mention increases competition.


We could open up a real can of worms here like intel running 4 threads on and I quote "2x" core cpu's. Ya ya ya I know "it's a feature" well so is this for AMD.


I say embrace competition and pushing the limits, dont suffocate it.

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It's not allowed to participate in a category with lower amount of stock scores. This used to be a part of the design of the active cores, but seems to be buggy.


Dual cores will compete in the 2xCPU category, unlocking to more cores is allowed, but go in the upper category. We don't need Gulftown to rule in 1/2/3/4/5/6xCPU.

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