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user accidently placed cpu in incorrect cpu slot


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This processor appears to be an k6-2+ 533 mistakenly placed in a k6-2 533, cpuid dos not match a k6-2 533 and mirrors the k6-2+ 533. Please review as to remove from this slot and relist in the correct cpu catagory, thank you.


Shadow Hunter rank#3 Fortunantly for user Shadow Hunter, Relisting from k6-2 533 to k6-2+ 533 will perserve bronze cup and points.




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Found another mistaken submision in the same cpu class
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all k6/-2(+)/-3(+) are "unlocked". you can change the multi up to 6x if you want.


but it's not about the multi here, it's because those 2 results were made with a k6-2+ cpu which was made in 0.18µ and clocks a far lot better than the normal k6-2 with 0.25µ. also they have 128kb l2-cache on-die. ;)

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Yes correct, k6-2/3+ can have the multiplier changed provided by motherboard capability.

Turrican also correctly pointed out cpuid name has + , .18 die size and on board 128k cache.


I know a lot of users put a great deal of effort and time benching for results, as some users also have inactive periods/breaks. I do not wish for hard earned results to be eleminated just correctly moved by moderation if user is unable to respond or lacks properly saved information to relist.

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