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2 Team Page Suggestions....Team HW Library?

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2 things i've been wishing for and maybe we get it as a Christmas gift...


1) On team pages, Members Tab... could we have it so we can click on a member and go to their profile? I can click on a Team Captain or a Top Member of the month... Why not from the Team list...


2) Complete Team Hardware Library... Once I get to a users profile I can click on his/her HW library... could we extend this so we can see the entire Teams Hardware Library? If I can see what everyone on my team is already using, I can make an easier decision as to what HW I'll get for benching?


This would make life a little easier for me and I am sure other members here... the ability of clicking on users was there in past revisions be we lost it with this rev... :(


Let me know your thoughts.



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